ASSASSIN’S CREED SYNDICATE 2015: Gameplay, trailer and more


Assassin Creed Syndicate is an upcoming historical action-adventure open world game developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. This is the ninth game in Assassin’s Creed video game series. The game will be released on Oct.23, 2015 worldwide for Playstation 4 and Xbox 360 but the PC version is announced for Autumn 2015. The game is set in London of the 19th century during the industrial revolution, with twin assassin’s, Jacob and Evie Frye fight against inequality and poverty in a city controlled by the Templars. To stop their rule, Frye will take over the organized crime in an …

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Mad Max 2015: Gameplay,Trailer and more


Just when we have overloaded with Mad Max movie, Avalanche Studio thrilled us with the news of MAD MAX video game releasing this year i.e. 2015. Mad max 2015 is an upcoming action vehicular combat game sequence based on the movie with the same name Mad Max released this year. The Game is developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Mad max 2015 was announced at the Expo in 2013. But due to some hardware graphical issues of Playstation and Xbox, the date is shifted to 2015. Now the official release date of Mad Max is Sep. 1, …

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vehicle cheats gta 5

GTA 5 Vehicle Cheats for PC, XBOX and Playstation

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The one thing that I always look for in the grand theft auto 5 game is GTA V cars and vehicles. But for that, I need to look for different GTA 5 vehicle cheats. And I believe that there are many fans of the game who love to roam around the city trying new vehicles and killing anonymous citizens in the game. Vehicles and weapons are the best part of GTA 5. New vehicles and heavy weapons are surely the main ingredients to enjoy GTA V. But not all vehicles are given and shown in the game. To get these …

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Gta 5 cheats for weapons

Get all the weapons in GTA V: Weapons cheats in GTA 5


We all know that GTA 5 Weapons are extremely cool. And that’s why we are listing cheat code for weapons in GTA V for every console here. While we have already included all the cheat codes of GTA V in our old posts for XBOX, PC and PlayStation (you can see link for individual consoles below). But to make your game easy, we decided to make a new post about GTA V weapons cheats. If you want to full list of cheat codes for a particular platform, you can do so by clicking on the link given below. We have …

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gta 5 joker mod update

GTA 5 new MOD update: Meet Joker in GTA V


GTA V designers are going bit far from the regular MOD updates. But this time, what they did is awesome. Some days ago there was MOD update for Knight rider KITT and now we have our own JOKER. Looks like Joker is getting his space everywhere. That innocent (why so serious) smile is now part of GTA V. You can customize Trevor as a Joker with some combination of skins and other customization. This MOD update is new and it has brought back the memory of Batman. Well, Here are some screen shots that will make you think if you can …

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GTA 5 glitches and trophies


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Glitches or Bugs are part of every video game and same is the case with GTA 5. GTA V glitches are appearing every day and developers are resolving them one by one. But there are some BUGS in GTA V that you can get benefitted with. Moreover, there are some hidden trophies in GTA V you would want to probably earn. But the catch is, these are hidden and you won’t get them by straightforward gameplay. We will here tell you Hidden and non-hidden both types of GTA V Trophies. “Glitches” are known as a fault or a transient fault …


GTA v zombieland mod

GTA V ZOMBIES MOD Update: Turn your GTA V game into zombieland


Rockstar Games just rolled out a new update of GTA V and it is called GTA V ZOMBIE MOD. As we all know that many GTA V gamers are waiting for this but the wait is over now. The community behind this mod is Chr0m3 x MoDz that turns your ground into the zombie mode. What’s in this zombie mod? What is so excited in the GTA V ZOMBIE MOD? It’s Zombies as the name of the update predicts. Once you activate it, your game changes to the zombie world. In this, you can choose yourself as a zombie or you …

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Cloud Gaming: Working, History, servers and pros and cons

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Cloud Gaming is very popular and almost every company is using it. The cloud service takes the world to another level of computing. Some people don’t know that their email accounts and social networks account are all cloud-based. The data storage on the cloud-based servers helps you to store our personal data to your valid account. This account can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device the content you store is visible. You can upload music, movies, Tv shows, any document file, photos anything. Through this now a day Cloud gaming is on fire. Many companies set up a …

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gta v knight rider mod



Hello gamers, if you are playing GTA V, you would be exciting to explore more places and cars. Here is one new update of GTA V and it’s something really exciting. Rockstar Studio has recently added a car called GTA KNIGHT RIDER MOD. So the first thing that comes in mind what is KNIGHT RIDER MODE? This update is inspired from the knight rider TV series that ran from 1982 to 1986. In the TV series, the Car is used is Pontiac Trans Am. The car is full of features same as James bond’s car like it is enabled with …

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play gta 5 online



Last night, we were searching for queries about online games. And the most queries we got was about How to play GTA 5 online.  And some queries were like “can we play GTA online”? So we decided to make a thorough post on the same. We have prepared a guide for you on ONLINE GTA. But Let me first guide you what’s Online GTA. GTA ONLINE GAMEPLAY: According to the Official GTA V ONLINE by Rockstar games brings the hottest online GAMEPLAY experience with multiple players. Everything is customized and It’s up to you what you wanna do? The Game is continually …

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