GTA V DLC update July

Great news folks!!! GTA 5 DLC UPDATE 2015 is here. The GTA officially released update yesterday for PS3 and PS4 users only. Some of you do not understand what is DLC? Do not panic, I’m here to discuss about DLC and help you to download the dlc update of GTA 5.
Grand theft auto dlc update


So now the next thing comes in mind that What is GTA V DLC UPDATE? We all know that the DLC comes with something new all the time. Now GTA also comes with something new, something fresh so that player remains interested in the game. DLC helps to increase the player interest in the game. It keeps alive the player interest. It also gives an opportunity to existing players to resume game play and check the new things.

What’s new in this DLC Update:

Now you all wants to know what is new in this DLC? So what in this DLC? GTA V DLC UPDATEcontains lots of changes and updates for the player. There is an expansion of lower riding. For low riders, there must be some more clothes and hopefully some new weapons is also introduced in DLC UPDATE.
10 new car may b added to the upcoming patch, including 4 door car ie Moonbeam and voodoo with its clean version. In this update, data miner’s comes with a coding that includes “LOW” word in the title.
There must be some more updates regarding story mode that has to be launched in upcoming 2015by Rockstar.

How to apply DLC update in GTA V

If you have no idea what we are talking about here, no need to worry.. You can also enjoy this update because we are going to tell you how to apply this update in your game and enjoy. So what’s the procedure to UPDATE GTA V.  There some instruction you have to follow to update the GTA V.

How to apply DLC update in PS3 and PS4:

1. Instructions to apply DLC:

  1. Download the  PS3 UPDATE.pkg file for free.
  2. After downloading completed, insert your Pendrive or Flash drive in PC.
  3. Directly move the downloaded file into the Pendrive or Flash drive, pull out the USB after that Switch on your PS3, Insert the USB into PS3.
  4. In PS3 main menu select the “Install Package Files”, the PS3 UPDATE.pkg file that placed in the USB, a pop-up window shows file is installed.
  5. Press “O” button after installation completes, now the installed program showing in the main menu.
  6. Enjoy !!

How to apply DLC update for XBOX 360

  1. Download the Xbox 360 DLC  Part 1, Part 2 for free.
  2. Move the file “1C652E5CA7CD20A43A8A379541F9C57285BB863554” into the directory “545408A7” on your Xbox 360 harddisk or you can configured with flash drive.
  3. Make sure you have installed the latest GTA V title update installed.
  4. Plug your harddisk back to your Xbox. Launch the GTA V.
  5. Enjoy!!

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