NFS E3 (Need For Speed E3) Game play and other info

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We all were waiting for NEED FOR SPEED E3 and its news is finally here. The game is published by Electronic Arts and developed by different studios i.e. EA Black Box (a Canadian company) and Criterion Games and Ghost Games are the British company.

Note: The game is available for pre-order. And you will get NFS 2015 pre order bonus ifyou purchase it now.

The  NFS E3 release date for PC, Xbox One, PS4 is 3rd of Nov 2015.

Need For Speed E3 (2015) Gameplay:

Almost all the Need for speed series comes with some particular task or we can say some mission to unlock items, things. In the career mode player goal is to win the races in a sequence order. This helps to win achievements as well as rewards, unlocking new cars, new tracks. Players can play in both single player mode or multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode can be played on split screen or through LAN. Police pursuits takes NEED FOR SPEED to another level.
NFS is a combination of  different types of cars like exotic cars, sports cars. In Need for Speed E3, racing are set up in London and Chicago cities with real circuits tracks like Nürburgring and the Laguna Seca. The main concept  NFS follows is Drifting and dragging. Drifting was first introduced in the NEED FOR SPEED: UNDERGROUND.
DRIFTING is the concept in which player needs to make maximum points by drifting a car to win the race.
car race drift
DRAG racing was also introduced in NFS: UNDERGROUND. In drag racing, player manually gears up the vehicle. The shifting of gears must be in perfect order.  Player needs to end the race first without getting car engine blown up or getting crashed.
nfs underground drag racing
After this update there must be some other important things we need in the game like tuning, ABS, upgrading parts, are all comes in another phase ie NEED FOR SPEED: UNDERGROUND 2. In this player now upgrade car parts like engine, downforce, ABS with the rated parts showing stars from 0-10. When car attains high visual rating , the vehicle is eligible for the cover photo of magazine. Need for Speed comes with different types of cars including exotic cars, sports cars, expensive cars.

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