Sound Shapes Review: Musical Action game for music lovers

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Who knew that Sound Shapes was the musical game that I have been wanting to play? With having amazing songs and vibrantly colorful worlds, I had no idea what this 2-D side-scrolling platformer had in store for me.
Sound shapes video game

Sound Shapes Review: Musical fun game:

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment 

Developers: Queasy Games, SCE Santa Monica Studio 

Awards: VGX Award for Best Song in a Game, VGX Award for Best Handheld/Mobile Game 
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita 
Initial release date: August 7, 2012

Gamespot Rating: 9/10

My Rating: 8.5/10

You start out coming from a record player and the interactive music video comes to life. You are tasked with finding discs, notes, that are scattered throughout the levels, while trying to find the other record players that are the end of the levels.

These discs are permanent notes to the song that make the song complete. While, the disc are permanent notes, everything that you interact with, including death, releases a sound. Whether it sounds great or not just depends on your timing  and your actions with the rhythm of the song.

The stages are divided up brilliantly into albums and each individual level is a song. Each level is designed so colorfully that they compliment the songs so well. While, there really isn’t any foes for you to kill or avoid, there is something that will kill you the moment that you touch it. The color red! To avoid this evil, you must jump and stick, quite literally, to the brighter colors. The dark colors are the neutral platforms that don’t hurt you, nor do they always help you.
I saw them as a means to give the game some difficulty without just adding red to everything. Sometimes you will have to traverse the world, by different means, the most noteworthy was the space ship. I actually found this to be very annoying more times than not. Since everything that you interact with makes sounds, this includes the ship, and you’re trying to maneuver around the ships constant noise, when holding your thrust button, seems to throw off the song, and in most case, overpower the song altogether.
The campaign is disappointedly too short and was way to easy to complete. With a multitude of checkpoints, throughout every page of the stage, the few parts that I felt I had trouble were very easy to overcome. Since I would respawn basically right next to the obstacle that gave me issues and get passed it almost immediately. With no challenge, I can see people getting bored of the gameplay.
Luckily the game is too short before that can happen. If you feel you want more out of the campaign style of play the community has so many players created levels, that will keep you engrossed for hours, and some of them are actually pretty challenging compared to the campaign.
Finished the campaign and want something different to do? Sound Shapes more than likely will have something for you to do. Death mode is unlocked, along with Beatmode, after the completion of the campaign. In Death mode, you must collect all the notes within a certain time limit on the screen and death is a certainty. This mode finally gives the game the much-needed challenge that the campaign is missing and is easily my favorite mode. Beatmode you must listen to a beat and replicate the beat.
I thought that this was going to be very complicated, but you can just guess until you have each and every corrected note discovered. The ever popular level editor is part of this game. I would recommend waiting, till after you have finished the campaign, to start making levels since you will unlock all of the tools for an editor in the campaign. The added music that you can create, along with your level makes it so much more different from other games. It even had me stumped, on what I wanted to make, since I want my levels to sound just as awesome as they play.
While the campaign is extremely short, only took me just under two hours to complete, and is really simple, you will find yourself trance by the colorful and musical world where your interactions add to the song. The community created levels will make it feel the game will never end. You can even join on the never ending game by adding your own levels to the community.
The individual modes will keep you coming back for more if you want something extra to do. This game is perfect for the person that doesn’t have much time, but wants to make progress in a video game, and not feel lost the next time they pick it back up.

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