A graphical representation of Video Game Consoles history and timeline

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Video game console have gone very far in terms of configuration, looks and handiness since its evolution. From Pre consoles development era when first computer game was introduced in 1952; we have now reached to XBOX, PS4 etc.
Ever wondered when it all began? What was the first video game ever and how gaming consoles have evolved in these years.
In the present day, we have a Play Station 4, the latest of all the gaming consoles. PS4 was introduced on Nov. 15, 2014. It’s almost 61 years and we are going to have more innovative consoles in near future.
Before I start my article in detail, I want you to ask yourself can you answer questions right now?
  • When was the first video game invented?
  • What was the first video game?
  • What is a gaming console?

If you don’t know these details and are eager to find out the answers, I have created a flowchart on the history of video games consoles. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

Video Games Timeline

video game console history timeline

Video game consoles:-

To start with, a video game console is a device through which a user can play games through the controller, is also known as keypad or joystick both are used in the form of controller.
Initially, gaming consoles have a screen attached to it and we just needed to buy a console.
But with more enhancements in technology, now we have a different device which we need to plug into the screen be it Television or a monitor.
There is space in the console to insert video game cassette or CD or a pen drive which contains the game you want to play. And then once you attached console with the screen, you are ready to enjoy your video game.

History of Video game consoles:-

Video game consoles play a very important role in the gaming world. As the technology changed year by year, consoles improved in their graphics as well as in the interface. The history of video games shows how the Video game consoles changed with the generation.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, 59% of Americans played video games in 2013. That same year, consumers spent $21.5 billion on video games, the association reported.

There are Six Generations of video game consoles starting from first to the upcoming consoles. We have highlighted important facts of these generations in Graphics as well as in text.

Pre console deployment:

Video game console history image
Pre console deployment consoles are starting stage of consoles. These came without any controller (remote) at an early stage. In1952, the first computer game arrived.
After some time, first Controller was introduced in this segment in mid-50 when first multiplayer game “Tennis for Multiplayer” was introduced in 1958 by American physicist William Higinbotham.
Controller is mainly a remote device by which you control your player in the game. The joystick is another name for a game controller.

The 70’s/ Atari and 1st Arcade game:

Video game console evolution
                                                Video game console – The 70’s
Then come 70’s when we got introduced to some major changes in the consoles. The first commercial arcade game “Computer Space” was introduced by people who later founded Atari.
The first gaming console is introduced in 1972 by Magnavox Odyssey. In the same year new game console brand, Atari was introduced.

The 80’s/ Game Boy and Nintendo:

Nintendo game console

80’s was the era when some cool video games of that time got released like Donkey Kong and Tetris. In the same era, new gaming console known as Game Boy was introduced in 1989.
Only kids of 80’s and 90’s know the happiness of having Game Boy. In the same year, games like Football by Nintendo and Sim city made their way to fame.
In 1985, Nintendo made its first appearance at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with its own game console, Nintendo Entertainment system.

The 90’s/ Play Station and SEGA:

modern video game consoles- playstation
                                                           Sega vs Playstation- The 90’s
The era of 90 can be called as the Starting phase of evolution of modern games and consoles. It is the time when the company like Sony, Sega, Nintendo actually came face to face to compete with each other.
To compete with each other, every video game company introduced the new consoles in the market.
Sony introduced and launched first Playstation on December 3, 1994. And it became first video game console to 100 million units, 9 years and 6 months after its initial launch.

Sega introduced SEGA GENESIS in 1989 and directly compete with Nintendo and gave slogan “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.”
That’s when SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM was launched. After its launch, SEGA changed their slogan to “Welcome to the next level”. (source: Wikipedia)

The most popular video game of 90’s was “SONIC The Hedgehog”, released in 1991 and since then, Sonic became the mascot of SEGA.

2000-10/ The Big Players (Sony/Microsoft and Apple):

history of video games
                                    The Arrival of Microsoft XBOX and Apple Store

The period from 2000 to 2010 was mainly dominated by Sony Play Station and Microsoft. After a long process, video game consoles came to the point where the competition was on the peak.

Sony introduced the second version of its video game console in 2000 and named it Play Station 2 “PS2”. The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling home console to date, having reached over 155 million units sold as of December 28, 2012.
The very next year in 2001, Microsoft introduced Xbox and after 4 years in 2005, another video game console known as Xbox 360 was introduced.
1 year later Nintendo introduced Wii in 2006. In the same period, in 2008, Apple also introduced App Store for Apple users.

Present time: The Modern Game Consoles:video game consoles present time

In the present time, Microsoft and PlayStation are making back to back gaming consoles. In 2013, Microsoft launched Xbox one. While Sony fires back with brand new console PS4
After this, the future of video game consoles is coming to virtual reality consoles in upcoming years.
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