Mad Max game update: Patch 3 with new improvements including vehicle Roll


Mad Max game was released on 1st September for PS4. From that time, it is 3rd patch update from the developers within a month. Though this latest patch update is for all platform and not only for PS4. Later, the gamers were experiencing many glitches in the game like vehicle glitch, unlimited scrap glitch etc. And these glitches were making the game difficult and boring like hell. It’s not like that developers are just sitting and not doing something. And to prove this, developers recently revealed a patch update where they claim to fixed bugs and other improvements including vehicle rolls. …

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cheap fifa 16 coins online

FIFA 16 coins: Buy cheapest coins for fifa ultimate team


We know that you all are very much excited to play Fifa 16 FUT Draft. If you have played the previous version of the games like FIFA 15 or 14, you should have known that you need FIFA 16 coins to play Fifa Ultimate Team Draft matches. The cost for 1 FUT Draft of 4 match series is 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points or 1 Draft token. And you will get an equivalent prize for this entry fees, even if you lost the first or second match. Remember to read our guide on FIFA 16 tips and practice well before …

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FUT Fifa 16

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team guide: Make your best team


If you are playing FIFA 16, you would have already known about the FIFA 16 new features i.e FUT Draft. Fifa Ultimate Team Draft is one of the newest features of this game. The FUT Draft feature is all about making your best team and challenging the opponent. You will choose your best players according to rankings for each position from a 5 player draw. In Fifa Ultimate team Draft feature, you will challenge your opponent for a series of 4 matches and win rewards for your club. So we want you to practice normal matches first with our detailed …

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Xeodrifter game image

Xeodrifter Review


Game: Xeodrifter Developer: Renegade Kid Publisher: Renegade Kid Genre: Action- Adventure Metacritic Rating: 4/5 My Rating: 8.5/10 Xeodrifter game Review: Xeodrifter is a beautiful 8-bit 2-D side scroller shooter. Being easy to pick-up and play, the game does prove to be challenging from time to time, mostly from not having many checkpoints to help you out when you die. There ain’t many levels to choose from, but the game keeps you coming back to each level once you have the required power-up to move on. The story is easy to follow without having much of a dialog in the game. …

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Fifa 16 no touch dribble

Fifa 16: How to tutorials and videos


Fifa 16 is released and has already made gamers go mad. This new game from EA sports is really cooool than previous games. Here are some of the tweets by gamers and celebrity who have got their hands on the game. FIFA 16 is released with many new features and tricks that you should know to enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Here in this article, we are going to explain how to use play FIFA 16 new features with the help of videos and texts. FIFA 16: Basic Skills, No touch Dribbling, Advanced defending, long shots and other tricks: In this tutorial, …

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Unlock Until Dawn 2015 Hidden trophies [list]


This post is all about Until Dawn 2015 trophies.  Until Dawn game has already released on 25th Aug 2015. And according to fans, it is the most successful horror game till now. The game has got 80 Metacritic score till now. Order your copy of Until Dawn: For PlayStation The game is not available for any version of XBOX or PC. If you are playing Until Dawn without any hint, let us tell you that there are some hidden trophies that you can earn in the game while progressing. How to get these hidden trophies? Obviously, you will have to complete tasks to …

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super time force ultra game

Super Time Force Ultra Review


Game: Super Time Force Ultra Developer:  Capybara Games Publisher:  Capybara Games Genre: Action, First person Shooter Metacritic Rating: 4/5 My Rating: 8/10 Super Time Force Ultra Review Super Time Force Ultra brings a new dynamic to the 2-D side scrolling shoot em’ up with time traveling. With a great cast of characters, and unique use of death. It may take some time to get used to, but you will be enjoying your time with this title in no time. The playable characters that you have at your disposal are uniquely designed in how they look and how they play. Each …

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Dishonored 2: New trailer reveals new city of Karnaca


Bethesda Softwares has released a new trailer of its upcoming video game series Dishonored 2. This trailer gives us a sneak peak of a new city “Karnaca”. According to the company speaker, Harvey Smith, Karnaca is a “Jewel of the south”. The city of Karnaca has got warmer climate. If Dunhill is modeled after Scotland and England, Karnaca might be modeled after Greece or Spain or Italy. “It’s like Southern Europe. People go their to sun and recover their health and  things like that. It’s not exactly like a real World but the World of 1850’s. Now you can buy Dishonored Definitive Edition …

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FIFA 16 Removed 13 Woman Players due to NCAA rules


As we know that EA announced  the women FIFA team for the first time in it’s upcoming Fifa 16 game. And we all were excited about the woman football player team. But due to NCAA rules you will not be able to play with 13 player that has been discarded by FIFA 16. (Image source: easource) EA confirms to remove 13 women player from FIFA 2016 due to NCAA rights. These players would be putting their eligibility for college sports at risk by including in FIFA 2016. Ea said  “Of the hundreds of players on these rosters, 13 are currently attending or likely …

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Starwars battlefront beta mode confirms missions


We know that you are very much excited for the new Starwars battlefront. EA recently reveals that Starwars is coming with beta version before the full version of the game. The game release date is still not confirmed. But EA reveals some fact that you must be aware of the beta version of the game EA reveals that Starwars battlefront beta version contain both offline and online playing mode or you can play as in split screen also. The firm also provided more details on the maps and modes to expect In Multiplayer modes is including in the beta will include Drop …

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