Fifa 16: How to tutorials and videos

Fifa 16 is released and has already made gamers go mad. This new game from EA sports is really cooool than previous games.

Here are some of the tweets by gamers and celebrity who have got their hands on the game.

FIFA 16 is released with many new features and tricks that you should know to enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Here in this article, we are going to explain how to use play FIFA 16 new features with the help of videos and texts.

FIFA 16: Basic Skills, No touch Dribbling, Advanced defending, long shots and other tricks:

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you some basic and advanced skills of FIFA 16 game. If you are playing or going to buy the game, you won’t enjoy it without some of the FIFA 16 tricks.

We are going to tell you how to basic skills, no touch dribbling, advanced defending, score long shots and other tricks of the game.

  • How to: Step over, Ball roll and Roulette in Fifa 16:

These are the basic skills of the game. You just need your joystick stick to perform these skills. Remember, The higher is your player ratings, the more tricks you can perform in the game.

To Step over in FIFA 16, you will have to rotate your right stick, forward to left or forward to right. Right stick depends on the direction you wish to step over. You can use this skill to advancing you opponent.

Step over in Fifa 16

Ball Roll is useful in making space when running towards the defender. To perform Ball roll, push the right stick to the 90 degrees in the direction you are running.

Ball roll in fifa 16

Roulette can be performed by holding the right stick back and rotating it 270 degrees in the desired direction, left to spin left and right to spin right.

Fifa16 roulette

Here is a video tutorial for these skills for you.

  • How to use new no touch dribbling in FIFA16:

Use no touch dribble when you are in one on one situation. Popular and high rated players will do no touch dribble more professionally than low rated players.

First trigger No Touch Dribble by pressing LB (for XBOX ONE) or L1 (for PlayStation). By triggering the No Touch Dribbling option, you will step away from the ball creating some space.

Now use the left stick in the desired direction to perform small feints and misdirect your opponent. To make the larger faint, use RT or R2 in the left stick direction.

fifa 16 no touch dribble

Here is  NO TOUCH DRIBBLE trick video for more understanding:

  • How to Score Curled Free Kicks in FIFA16:

Curled Free Kick is the most difficult kick to score perfectly. Here is a tutorial of scoring Curled Free Kick in FIFA 16.

To score perfect curved free kick, choose a player having high curves and free kick stats. According to the direction of goal, choose opposite footed player. For example, if you are kicking from the left side of the  goal, then choose the right-footed player. And if you are scoring from the right side of the goal, choose the left-footed player.

If you are playing with the right-footed player, pull left stick to the left and up 45-degree angle.

Remember to use 2 bars of powers for the perfect shot.

curled free kick fifa 16 tutorial


  • How to use Advanced Defending in FIFA 16:

The defending technique you use in your game is not enough. That’s why we use an advanced defending technique in the game. Here we are explaining how to use the advanced defending technique in the game.

To use the advanced defending, press RB but remember not to overuse it. Or you will player out of the position.

To Jockey a player, hold LT. It is great in preventing crosses. For Fast jockey, hold both the triggers simultaneouly.

Tap B (for XBOXONE) and Tap O (for PlayStation 4) to pull and pull the player while running shoulder to shoulder. Hold B or O to hold a player. But don’t overuse it or you will get penalized.

Here is a video showing clear view of advanced defending technique:

  • How to score long shots in FIFA 16:

Long shots are generally not accurate and the ball goes to the wrong player or you miss the goal. Here is how to score long shots in FIFA 16.

When attempting a shot outside the area, wait for your player to properly control and line up their shot before attempting to strike. Hold B until you have 50 to 70 percent power when shooting from outside the area, this will give you the enough power to beat the keeper without striking over the bar.

Hold RB when shooting from an angle outside the box to finesse around the keeper. Practice with the power you need for finesse shots as they are easy to misjudge.

Make sure to aim the shots towards corners by moving the left stick in the desired direction of your strike.

long shots in fifa 16

Here is a video on performing Long shots in FIFA 16:

  • How to score power free kick:

Here we are going to tell you about scoring power free kick. To shoot power free kick, hold LT and choose player fifa 16 power free kickhaving high shot power and free kick stats.

Remember to choose player correctly. to shoot goal from left side, choose left-footed player and to shoot goal form right side, choose right-footed player.

Hold LB and push Left Stick UP. Now press B utill you have 3 bars of power in 25 yards out.

Aim towards the post and slightly inside to the goal.

Here is a video on power free kick:

We hope these FIFA 16 Tutorials will help you and you will enjoy your game.

We will update you with more tutorials in the upcoming updates on FIFA 16.

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