FIFA 16 Ultimate Team guide: Make your best team

If you are playing FIFA 16, you would have already known about the FIFA 16 new features i.e FUT Draft. Fifa Ultimate Team Draft is one of the newest features of this game.

FUT Fifa 16 guide

The FUT Draft feature is all about making your best team and challenging the opponent. You will choose your best players according to rankings for each position from a 5 player draw.

In Fifa Ultimate team Draft feature, you will challenge your opponent for a series of 4 matches and win rewards for your club.

So we want you to practice normal matches first with our detailed guide on FIFA 16 tips to play like a pro. Because in FUT you are going to challenge a real player like you and not just with the computer.

But it’s not only what you need to know about FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft. Here is a detailed explanation abut FUT and how it works.

FIFA 16: FUT Draft Guide:

  • How to Enter in FUT DRAFT:

You just don’t enter into FUT DRAFT and play. But you will have to pay coins. There are following 3 options available to pay for this challenge feature.

15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points or 1 Draft token

Remember, it’s a series of 4 matches, so even if you lose 1 match, you will not lose all. You will get a reward even for losing a match.

There wait Better rewards for you while you progress in the tournament. The Best reward will be awarded to the one who will win the tournament.

  • Selecting Difficulty to get started:

Once entered into FUT, you will have to choose the difficulty level. Remember to practice FIFA 16 with our detailed guide on Fifa 16 tips and tricks (link given above) before getting into FIFA Ultimate Team Draft challenge.

As we told earlier, you will get rewards for winning all of the 4 matches. So choose difficulty wisely. Don’t choose difficulty in which you haven’t practiced. Because this series costs you coins or points.

  • Forming the best formation:

As we all know till now that FUT Draft is all about making the best team. And to win a match even with the best team, you need the best formation.

FIFA 16 FUT Draft has 5 types of formation already formed in the game. These formations are

  • 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3 (defend), 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-2 (Wide), 4-2-3-1 (Wide)

Though you can make and try other formations also. Just try out the formation in simple match first and then go with it in FUT Draft.

For me, 4-4-2 formation gives the best result.

  • Choose a Captain:

Now you have entered into FUT DRAFT and selected a formation, now it’s time to build a team for a match. And for a team, A captain is the most important player at first instance.

Choose captain wisely. You will have to choose a captain from a set of 5 players. Give proper care to the ratings of the player while choosing a captain.

After choosing  a captain, you will build your team around him from the same country, club or the league.

So this is the step you should give yourself time to think and pickup captain wisely. Because even though, your captain ratings are not good among these 5 players but might be your country, league or club players are magically good.

  • Fill up the squad:

No, you will have to choose your 11 players to complete the team. You will have option to choose players from the same country, league or a club.

This is going to be most difficult situation in FUT DRAFT. Why?

Because for eachposition, you will be given choice between 5 players. You will have to choose best from them. Don’tgo for best over all rated player always.

Give proper care to the ratings of other skills of the player. Just see how the player mix into the chemistry with your whole team.

After selecting your starting XI, Bench, and Reserves you can then move players around to improve your Chemistry rating.

Try with as many combination as you can till you find the perfect team combination for you.

5 Things to remember about FUT Draft:

Though FUT Draft is a new feature and you are eager to give it a chance. But here are 5 points to remember before you actually call the oponent for the match.

  1. Read and watch videos in our FIFA 16 tips to play as pro.
  2. One FUT Draft is going to cost you 15k coins or 300 FIFA points or 1 DRAFT token. Though even if you lose first or 2nd match, you will get reward equal to your points but it is always a good option to play for WIN.
  3. Team Formation is very important to win a match. Wrong formation can destroy your whole efforts and costs you lose the match. So try every formation in single player match before going for multiplayer.
  4. Rating of the captain doesn’t matter if the player of your country, league or club are good. Decision for captain and other squad players depends upon whether you are going for country,league or club.
  5. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win a match. Try other formations and remember, it’s only a game and not a war.

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