Mario and Massive Starship in Grand Theft Auto V

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Great news for GTA 5 fans Mario is available in GTA V. We know that Mario and GTA are both different franchise, so  someone needs to mod them. You need to add a couple of mods after that you can enjoy Mario. First off all you need to install Mario mask and after that kart mod after that you seeing Mario in you GTA 5. The mask simply changes welder mask to Mario mask and vehicle is changing to the small Kart that looks like Mario cart.

As the YouTuber TheGuitarjammer’s shows in its video about the Mario cart and the things, Mario can do in the game. Mario the late 90’s gaming character that we all played as a rescuer in the game, but in GTA Mario looks different with a Kart and handgun. Mario freely runs on the street and take down the competition by throwing grenades instead of banana’s. Including Mario, there are Yoshi, Toad, and Wario is taken from the game of Wii Super Mario galaxy so the masks of these characters are low resolutions.

You can freely download Mario mask mod from here: Click here

download Kart Mod from here: Click here

GTA 5 is also gifted with the new Starship destroyer. Some of the mods are that changes the whole look of GTA like Iron man mod. Thanks to Gamer Justin Lewis (aka “JJxORACLE”) from Arterius Modding has created a mod that lets gamers fly an Imperial Star Destroyer in Grand Theft Auto V.

The texture of the starship destroyed is not so pretty good, considering the size of a starship. It’s a custom mod so its graphics is not good as the game graphics. But you can fly this massive ship.

There are a couple of videos that showing the starship size as well as flying. Here they are:

If you want to fly this massive starship you can download starship mod from here: Click here

(Data source: wired & slashfilms)


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