GTA V New update is missing some Online Missions

The recently revealed 15th September free mode update of GTA 5 is confirmed to have some bugs. The free mode is available for Xbox and PS4 but due to some bug there is accidentally missing some of the missions from the game. This is reported on official support website Rockstar confirms that missing missions from the game and promises to remove this bug from the game as soon as possible.


We know that Rockstar recently reveals the free mode update to the consoles and it contains lots of new features and new changes in the game. This update is the latest title update for the game, luckily gave players access to lots of new content and features so that they can enjoy the new free mode missions. The main addition of the new patch is to introduce the Freemode Events to the Grand Theft Auto V. 

But due to some bug that some missions are accidentally removed from the new update. The developer currently investigating the problems in order to find the cause of the bug so they can make the affected missions playable within GTA Online once more. 

“We have received reports of missing Contact Missions in GTA Online, and we are looking into this issue now. These Missions were not removed intentionally.”

Rockstar Games has created a list of confirmed missions that were accidentally removed from Grand Theft Auto V‘s online playlists. Until the issue is resolved, user’s are not allowed to play the following missions.

Rooftop Rumble

Show Me the Money

A Titan of a Job

Hack and Dash

Lost My Mind

Out of Harmony


This is not clear what is behind the scene of removal of these missions. We don’t know how much time it will take to remove that bug from the game. The developers are trying hard to take out the bug as soon as possible.

To encourage the Free mode missions, Rockstar Games is offering a bonus to the gamers who can successfully complete some activities before the end of this Sunday. This week will receive an exclusive t-shirt for their online character as well as a bonus payout of $50,000 to spend in the game.

We hope the developers find the bug as soon s possible so that the missing missions can roll out. This shows that this bug is only affected co-op story mission. 

That’s all for now. We updated you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for further updates.

(Data source: Inquisitr)

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