Mad Max game update: Patch 3 with new improvements including vehicle Roll

Mad Max game was released on 1st September for PS4. From that time, it is 3rd patch update from the developers within a month.

Though this latest patch update is for all platform and not only for PS4.


Later, the gamers were experiencing many glitches in the game like vehicle glitch, unlimited scrap glitch etc. And these glitches were making the game difficult and boring like hell.

It’s not like that developers are just sitting and not doing something. And to prove this, developers recently revealed a patch update where they claim to fixed bugs and other improvements including vehicle rolls.

Patch 3 for Mad Max rolls in a number of improvements, including the “Vehicle Roll” option, which lets you enable more realistic in-air physics. (And, to create more incredible moments in Capture Mode!) In addition to this, there’s a number of general fixes, for both graphics and audio, along with a number of specific updates for 64-bit Windows users. Enjoy all the nitty gritty in the full patch notes, below.

Mad Max Updates for All Platforms:

  • Added optional “Vehicle roll” setting for more realistic in-air car physics.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Improved data streaming, enabling content to load faster and easier.
  • Improved auto-aim target prioritization.
  • Fixed various audio issues.
  • Made various GUI fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed several instances of the map not loading correctly.
  • Made various mission flaws fixes and improvements. This includes retroactively resolving a conditional mission flow blocker that was happening to some players trying to install the Baby Bars during the Wasteland Classic mission after the mission flow had been interrupted.
  • General bug fixes.

MAD MAX Win64 Specific Updates:

  • Fixed instances of graphics options resetting to default upon the game loading for some users.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Harpoon to not work correctly on triple monitor setups, and with larger aspect ratios.
  • Fixed several keyboard entry issues with the WBPlay Menu screen.
  • Made several Mouse & Keyboard Control improvements and fixes.

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