Need for Speed 2015 reveals new trailer

Need for speed reveals the new 5 ways to play gameplay trailer. Need for speed is releasing worldwide on Nov.3, 2015. The game is published by Electronic Arts, developed by three different studios i.e. EA Black Box, Criterion Games and Ghost Games.


The new trailer is all about the icons of Need for Speed i.e. Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. We are trying to make you guys updated as soon as possible about Need for Speed.

5 ways to play Need for speed:-

In need for speed, you need to earn reputation more than anything. Reputation gives you popularity in the streets of need for speed. Compete in events and you’ll earn the money needed to spend big on your dream garage of cars, but it’s REP which is the most important currency of all.

As you increasing your reputation, more people’s respect you. If you want to meet the famous personality in the games the 5 real world icons; Magnus Walker, Ken Block, Nakai-San, Risky Devil or Morohoshi-San?Your REP is the key to opening that particular door, cars and customization and lots more…

Here are the 5 ways to play:-

  • Speed:

Take part in speed events such as sprints and time attacks, and try to finish as fast as you can. Empty your nitrous tank and keep it clean to earn more Speed Reputation.

  • Style:

As the name shows style, you need to express yourself behind the wheels as Ventura bay becomes the ultimate Gymkhana playground. Whenever you doing sideways drifts, donuts and pulling off jumps, showing your car control you will get Style Reputation

  • Build:

Customize your ride, create your own kind of ride. Performance upgrades, wild paint job, after-market body modification let you awaken the beast in each and every ride as you earn your REP and become a master of the mod scene in build

  • Crew:

Coming together for the single event. Complete the event such as Drift train, speed through the urban jungle and razor-close to the car gives you the Crew Reputation.

  • Outlaw:

Risk your life for rewards, messing with cops. Smash through the city, creating havoc and getting yourself noticed for all the wrong reasons. OUTLAWS do things their own way and live life on the edge. Go out and become notorious.

These are the 5 ways to play Need for speed. Speed your life earn reputation earn respect. Your driving style, your REP. This is your new Need for Speed.

Check out the new trailer of  5 ways to play Need for speed:

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