GTA V New update is missing some Online Missions


The recently revealed 15th September free mode update of GTA 5 is confirmed to have some bugs. The free mode is available for Xbox and PS4 but due to some bug there is accidentally missing some of the missions from the game. This is reported on official support website . Rockstar confirms that missing missions from the game and promises to remove this bug from the game as soon as possible. We know that Rockstar recently reveals the free mode update to the consoles and it contains lots of new features and new changes in the game. This update is the latest title update …

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Free Mode and Rockstar Editor is available for Xbox and PS4


Rockstar previously revealed about the Free mode update and Rockstar editor update in Grand Theft Auto 5. Now these two updates are available for Xbox and PS4, adding with many different types of features.   This the biggest addition in Grand Theft Auto V. The update is the inclusion of the Rockstar Editor on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the Freemode events added to GTA Online. The Rockstar Editor also comes with several new features that make it even better than before. New features added:- With the new update for XBOX and PlayStation, following new features are added in the …

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starwars battlefront beta version

10 Minutes Alpha Footage of Starwars Battlefront Leaked


While there is much hype of Starwars Battlefront, yesterday 10 minutes Alpha footage of Starwars Battlefront got leaked. We know that EA is releasing the beta version of Starwars battlefront in Oct, in which they will give limited access to play. The gameplay is released by YouTube user ‘Jake McNeill’, showcasing 10 minutes of alpha footage from Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault mode. This Assault mode was previously demonstrated in E3 June 2015. Just look the footage below, which comes from the PC alpha footage. The video is only 10 minutes long featuring the Walker Assault mode, but you will see how …

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GTA V Free Mode update coming in Sep 15


GTA V is revising the game by providing playing mods and update. GTA is only focusing on multiplayer updates whereas the single player hoping for some DLC pack. We know that GTA Editor has also released with that Rockstar releasing the free mode for GTA Online that will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in upcoming September 15, 2015. Recently GTA reveals the new update of GTA online called Free mode. Now question arrives what is in this free mode? Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode Events is a new advancement in open world gameplay. In this Free mode, GTA …

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Starwars Battlefront Reveals Drop Zone


Starwars Battlefront recently reveals Drop zone in the game. Drop zone is the new game mode that EA is going to include in the game. So at this point, you must be thinking what is drop zone. Drop Zone is an idea which is much likely to King of the Hill mode, where you have to battle for your zone existence. The Drop zone is basically an 8*8 battle area.You will battle to capture a point and then defend it from enemies. The control points in Drop Zone are actually pods falling from the sky. The number of pods that …

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Mario and Massive Starship in Grand Theft Auto V

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Great news for GTA 5 fans Mario is available in GTA V. We know that Mario and GTA are both different franchise, so  someone needs to mod them. You need to add a couple of mods after that you can enjoy Mario. First off all you need to install Mario mask and after that kart mod after that you seeing Mario in you GTA 5. The mask simply changes welder mask to Mario mask and vehicle is changing to the small Kart that looks like Mario cart. As the YouTuber TheGuitarjammer’s shows in its video about the Mario cart and the things, …

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Grow Home Review


Grow Home game Review Developer: Ubisoft Reflections Publisher: Ubisoft Modes: Single-player video game Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows Genres: Adventure game B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) he is tasked with finding a planet, with sustaining life on it, and locating the Star Plant, on said planet, and making it grow, so you can collect the Star Seeds from said plant and return them to Earth. After you have located the planet B.U.D. jumps from his space ship, down to ground level, and begins his tedious task of making the Star Plant grow. Since the Star Plant doesn’t grow, in the traditional …

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Top 15 Puzzle games for Android and iPhone [List]


Everyone Knows about smartphones such as android and iPhones, in which we can do literally anything. Some are very excited to play games in android phones and in iPhones. Here we have collected some of the puzzle games for your smartphone. Hope you like our collection of Top 15 puzzle games for android and iPhone. Puzzle games are very interesting in playing when you play you go into the deep of the game. Puzzle games are probably the most popular and successful genre in all of mobile gaming. Top 15 Puzzle games list:- We have decided to collect the top puzzle …

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Need for Speed 2015 reveals new trailer


Need for speed reveals the new 5 ways to play gameplay trailer. Need for speed is releasing worldwide on Nov.3, 2015. The game is published by Electronic Arts, developed by three different studios i.e. EA Black Box, Criterion Games and Ghost Games. The new trailer is all about the icons of Need for Speed i.e. Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. We are trying to make you guys updated as soon as possible about Need for Speed. 5 ways to play Need for speed:- In need for speed, you need to earn reputation more than anything. Reputation gives you popularity …

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Rockstar Celebrating Labors day providing Double RP and Double GTA dollars


Great news for GTA V fans. Rockstar is celebrating Labor day, there is a labor day sale in GTA that delivers double cash and double XP in select game mode. The deal runs from 4 sep to 7 sep 2015. According to Rockstar, Never ones to miss out on the chance to commandeer a holiday as an excuse for promotional discounts, the Los Santos Chamber Of Commerce is celebrating Labor Day in Southern San Andreas with a docket of new deals in GTA Online this weekend, along with bonuses on select recreational activities. Every day is new and every day you can find …

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