Rockstar Celebrating Labors day providing Double RP and Double GTA dollars

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Great news for GTA V fans. Rockstar is celebrating Labor day, there is a labor day sale in GTA that delivers double cash and double XP in select game mode. The deal runs from 4 sep to 7 sep 2015.


According to Rockstar,

Never ones to miss out on the chance to commandeer a holiday as an excuse for promotional discounts, the Los Santos Chamber Of Commerce is celebrating Labor Day in Southern San Andreas with a docket of new deals in GTA Online this weekend, along with bonuses on select recreational activities.

Every day is new and every day you can find a different offer and rewards.

The full schedule as follows:-

Friday, September 4:-

Elitas Travel Labor Day Sale, this day online jet sellers offering a 25% discount on all aircraft with double RP and GTA dollars on all air races and parachuting jobs for aerial thrill-seekers

Saturday, September 5:-

Legendary Motorsport Labor Day Sale, on this day high-performance vehicle discount with at least 25% on all Land Races with double Rp and GTA dollars.

Sunday, September 6:-

Docktease Labor Day Sale, on this day the boat of your dream is 25% off on this Sunday, take advantage of 2x R P and GTA $ on all sea races.

Monday, September 7:-

According to Rockstar,

Cap off the long weekend with some urban warfare compliments of Warstock Cache & Carry. All day Monday, get 25 percent off their entire stock and earn two times RP and GTA$ payouts in all Deathmatch

Rockstar also comes up with the new update dlc pack this year. The editor previously available for PC version only now it is coming as a dlc pack for PS4 and Xbox 360.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for further updates

(Data source: Gamespot)


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