Super Time Force Ultra Review

Game: Super Time Force Ultra

Developer:  Capybara Games

Publisher:  Capybara Games

Genre: Action, First person Shooter

Metacritic Rating: 4/5

My Rating: 8/10

super time force ultra game

Super Time Force Ultra Review

Super Time Force Ultra brings a new dynamic to the 2-D side scrolling shoot em’ up with time traveling. With a great cast of characters, and unique use of death. It may take some time to get used to, but you will be enjoying your time with this title in no time.

The playable characters that you have at your disposal are uniquely designed in how they look and how they play. Each one has a different regular attack and charged attack. The only thing that is the same is that the male and female characters, obviously different from their sex, have the same death scream when they die. You start with three characters that you can choose from, but quickly you will start finding new characters that will suit your play style. You may find yourself using the same characters over and over, but I would recommend that you use every character that you find. You never know you may find new characters that you like, or make you play differently that is way more useful than what you were used to.

Dying in this game is going to happen a lot, more than you would like at first, and you must use it to your advantage. When your character dies you will rewind time, called Time Outs, and pick a new character then start-up again. Your earlier character will re-do their run, attacking and killing everything that previously did, until they die, then you will be able to pick up the character, as a power-up as well as use their charged attack, and use them as a shield to absorb an extra hit. This is extremely useful since everything kills you in one hit, either by touching them or getting hit by a projectile.

Dying isn’t the only way that is used in this game to time travel. After you finish the tutorial you can choose what level, and in any order, that you wish to play. It is very reminiscent of the original Mega Man games. Each level takes you to different eras in time past, present, and future.

Super Time Force Ultra has a few extra things that you can do after you have completed the game. You can go back and replay any level that want to in order to unlock more characters, and try to get medals for collecting every Time Shard, Globs, Clox, and Lookers that you may have missed on your first play-through. The Helladeck is a mode that you can play as soon as the tutorial is complete. This mode is supposed to help you sharpen your time traveling skills by catching Glorbs before they hit the ground, but you can’t play some of the levels until you unlock the necessary characters to complete the challenge.

After you complete the story Super Hardcore Mode unlocks and you can replay the game with a little bit of an extra challenge. Every character that you have unlocked will carry over, and each character will get an Ultra Form that makes your characters stronger, but only last ten seconds then self-destruct doing ultra damage. The characters Ultra Form only get a few Time Outs so you must use them wisely. You will play each level with half as many Time Outs, and when characters die you will not be able to reuse them or use their Ultra Form until you pick them as a power-up, forcing you to use different characters. The big thing that remains the same is that you will have the same amount of time to complete each level as the original game.

Super Time Force Ultra is a great shoot em’ up that shouldn’t be missed. Having an awesome cast of characters to play as, and different ways to use time travel. While it may get frustrating in the early goings with dying all the time. Once you learn how to use it to your advantage, this game becomes extremely fun. You may want to hurry and grab this title before your time runs out.

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