Unlock Until Dawn 2015 Hidden trophies [list]

This post is all about Until Dawn 2015 trophies. 

Until Dawn game has already released on 25th Aug 2015. And according to fans, it is the most successful horror game till now. The game has got 80 Metacritic score till now.


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The game is not available for any version of XBOX or PC.

If you are playing Until Dawn without any hint, let us tell you that there are some hidden trophies that you can earn in the game while progressing.

How to get these hidden trophies? Obviously, you will have to complete tasks to get these trophies. We have collected information on these trophies and how to get them is listed below.

List of Until Dawn Trophies:

There are 12 trophies that we have managed to get till now. Information about these trophies is enlisted below with location and episode.

Until Dawn Bronze Trophies:

  1. Fatal Grudge:  It’s a hidden/secret trophy and is available in episode 8. While playing, Chris has a gun and he can shoot Emily OR he can shoot himself. Shooting Emily will earn you Fatal Grudge trophy while if you choose to kill yourself, you will earn Ashley Snap Trophy.
  2. Exorcism of Emily: This bronze trophy is also available in episode 8.  To get this trophy, you will have to let mike kill Emily when they are in the safe room.
  3. Let the wrong one in: This trophy is available at the end of chapter 9. While in the sewer, take left path after choosing ” Investigate Voice”. Now let Chris or Ashley open the Trap door.

Until Dawn Silver Trophies:

  1. The Psycho Path: This trophy is available in Level 2. To get this trophy, when Psycho attacks Sam or Ashley, make any one of them kill him with a vase.
  2. Scream too: If you have advanced to level 5 sanatorium, you will see Mike trapped in a beer trap. To get the Scream Too trophy, make Mike cut off his hand and be free from the trap.
  3. Ashley Snap: This trophy is also available in episode 8, exactly where you get Fatal grudge trophy. If you make Chris shot himself instead of Emily, you will get Ashley Snap trophy.

Until Dawn Gold Trophies:

  1. The Tale of the 2 sisters: To get this trophy, your group have to find all the clues from the twins clue line.
  2. The Fateful Descent: You will get this trophy once your group has found all the clues from 1952 clueline.
  3. The quicker Man: Save all the man from dying to get “the quicker man” trophy
  4. The skillful wolf man: If Sam keeps the wolf alive throughout the sanatorium, you will get this trophy.
  5. They all live: To get this trophy, your whole group of 8 friends will have to survive till dawn.
  6. Four daughters of darkness: If not all boys but all girls will survive till dawn, you will get Four daughters of darkness trophy.

These are the 12 trophies of Until Dawn that we have got. We will update more trophies in future as we discover them.

If you know any trophy that we have missed, tell us in comments with an episode number and how to get them. We will include them with your name in credits.

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