Xeodrifter Review

Game: Xeodrifter

Developer: Renegade Kid

Publisher: Renegade Kid

Genre: Action- Adventure

Metacritic Rating: 4/5

My Rating: 8.5/10

Xeodrifter game image

Xeodrifter game Review:

Xeodrifter is a beautiful 8-bit 2-D side scroller shooter. Being easy to pick-up and play, the game does prove to be challenging from time to time, mostly from not having many checkpoints to help you out when you die. There ain’t many levels to choose from, but the game keeps you coming back to each level once you have the required power-up to move on. The story is easy to follow without having much of a dialog in the game. The bosses are very repetitive in look and what they do in fights. With not much to do after the game is complete, you will enjoy this game.

The gameplay is really smooth and you feel like you are breaking the game by holding down the shoot button, and it will constantly shoot for you while you run around. Being able to shoot from a distance will prove to be crucial since some enemies will be able to do more damage than others. Dying comes with a hefty price, by losing every upgrade, and having to start the level over from the beginning. The only checkpoints in the game are just before every boss fight. With only having so few checkpoints you can start to get frustrated when you are just trying to get an upgrade, and make it back to your ship so you can save your upgrade, and you die.

The number of levels is underwhelming to say the least, but the game keeps you from moving on in each level with an obstacle that you can get around once you have the required power-up from a boss on a different level.
The power-ups are unique in what they do and are easy to use to for the most part. The Submarine Power allows you to traverse underwater. The Planeshifter Power allows you to teleport into the background at certain times to help you get around barriers or enemies. The Run Power allows you to sprint quickly. You will mostly use this to get across acid without taking damage. If you run into a wall you won’t take any damage, but you will be stunned for a few seconds. This can be avoided by hitting the Run Power button again before you hit the wall. The Rocket Power launches you straight up into the air, helping you get to higher places that don’t have any platforms to let you get there normally. The Solar Power allows you to charge an attack to destroy certain barriers. You can use it as an attack, but it takes too long to charge it for the damage it does. The most annoying thing about the Solar Power is that you have to go into your menu when you need to activate or deactivate it. The Phaze Power allows you to teleport to the other side of small barriers that you normally can’t get around. In most cases, you will be using a combination of these powers to get around the levels, as well as using them to help you defeat the bosses in the game.
The story is simple, and you know why these planets, even without having much dialog to go off of. Your flying through space when you are struck by a meteor, and you lose control of your ship. After running a few test, you realize that your Warp Drive is destroyed, and you will need to new Warp Core in order to continue on your journey. After using your radar, you find seven possibilities of where the Warp Core is located.
After you finish the game there really isn’t much of a reason to come back to this game, unless you want to go back and collect any missing upgrades that were left behind.
Xeodrifter is a great one-time experience that anyone can pick up and play. The story is simple to follow. The planets you visits are unique, even though the bosses that inhabit them are not. The power-ups are fun to use for the most part besides the Solar Power. The game can prove to be difficult, but that is from the lack of checkpoints to help you out.

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