All about Halo 5 Arena Field and Competitive Skill Ratings

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If you are a fan of Halo game series and waiting for the release of the game, we have some news about its 2 features i.e. Halo 5 Arena Field and CSR to make your game more interesting.

Since this past week, there were a whole lot of highlights happening before the launch of much talked about upcoming Halo 5: Guardians you’ve gotten your eyes on. Recent revelations of the launch trailer for Halo 5: Guardians, Multiplayer Playlists, and API support,  acknowledged Halo 5 with  pre-orders for launch night, and perhaps has started to create a digital to-do list with the revelation of upcoming Halo 5 achievements. But that’s not all, with just 7 days remaining for its launch.

Halo 5: Guardian Arena Field:

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As we pull up our socks for the game’s release in just over a week, Halo 5’s official community brings you the Arena portion of the multiplayer for pre-experiencing Halo 5: Guardians. Arena gives you the untainted cutthroat experience in Halo 5, to indulge you in the bequest of Halo multiplayer.

Players will now get to play head-to-head in a game of skill where everyone starts from the ground level. Each player will begin with the same basic weapons and abilities and will have to fight for seizing power weapons and power-ups by maintaining map control throughout the match.

Last December, 343 Industries held a beta for Arena almost a year from its launch to deliver the experience to the Halo fans everywhere. Since then they’ve worked diligently to distil the game with the aim of delivering the ultimate competitive multiplayer shooter at the time of its launch on October 27.

Josh Holmes, with the help of the multiplayer team, detailed new info about Halo 5’s Competitive Skill Rating (CSR), Seasons, matchmaking, and the almighty banhammer.


The Competitive Skill Rating (CSR) system in Halo 5 is designed especially for high-quality matches between players of equal skill to give tough competition, on a per-playlist basis. You will play a series of post matches before earning your CSR. After completion 10 levels, you will be merited by one of 7 CSR ranks based on your performance.

After the Arena beta, the ranks have been renamed to provide a more familiar and implicit sense of progression between ranks. The final CSR ranks for Halo 5: Guardians are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx, and Champion.

Below, we are glass-casing each of the ranking levels within CSR.


CSR List

The above CSR banner showcases you the whole range for ranks which further have different rank levels or tiers for each rank graphitized below:


Bronze CSR Tiers


Silver CSR Tiers


Gold CSR Tiers


Platinum CSR Tiers


Diamond CSR Tiers

While you earn your starting rank, the only way you can increase your rank to the highest is by winning game levels at its best. Winning is the only way to improve your CSR whether you make 30 kills in a game of Slayer or single-handedly capture every flag in a CTF match. As you win, you will progress through the 6 tiers of your rank. Gradually, as you accomplish winning at tier 6 continuously, you will be advanced to the next rank.

If you lose games you will cause your progress to degrade within a rank, but you will never drop down from a whole rank to its former lower rank. For example, if you spend all month working your way into Silver, losing won’t drop you back to Bronze. It will only bring you down to the first tier of Silver rank if you were at the second tier of Silver.





You earn the Onyx and Champion ranks when you reach at the highest end of the ranking system, which show their value or rank in a slightly differently way than the other ranks. Once you achieve Onyx, you will be shown your raw CSR score. Furthermore winning will no longer progress you to higher tiers, instead it will increase your CSR score.

With this, you can compare and improve yourself with greater accuracy than other players within the Onyx rank. If you get yourself positioned as one of the top 200 players in a playlist, you will earn the highly desirable rank of Champion and positioned within the top 200.


Seasons' Emblem

A newly added feature for Arena this year is Seasons which gives you the opportunity to play, challenge and improve yourself for earning monthly rewards. With this add-on, when you play your matches and achieve certain tiers of rank, your CSR in certain playlists will be reset and you will have to play your placement matches again. This gives you a fresh start every month to improve and prove yourself in selected Seasonal Arena Playlists. You then have a chance to try to recover your performance from what you did in last season and be on top of the playlist. Seasons will last for a month. Anyone who earns a CSR in a Seasonal Playlist will earn you cosmetic rewards to venerate the Season. (Here’s a quick look you can take at the emblem to be rewarded for the December season)


To get the advantage while playing Arena, finding yourself a balanced, low-ping match is of the prior importance. Since it is very frustrating to play matches with the players who aren’t even close to your skill level, Halo 5 has been designed to prioritize match quality above all else when finding matches in Arena. They try to find you other players who match up your exact CSR level. If they are unable to get you enough players, then they look for players that are very close to your same skill. The motive behind this is to have a high skill ceiling in Halo 5.


In Arena, you fresh start with a new match every time and not continue with a match that’s already in progress. So you can start new without worrying about losing your hard earned CSR and joining a losing team in the middle of a match. Winning or losing criteria includes your level of skill, teamwork and decision-making during the entire match.

As the feature of joining a match in progress is disabled for Arena matchmaking (but it is still available in Custom Games and in Warzone), quitting out of a match damages the quality and experience for the other seven players in that match which is not cool at all. If you quit out of games like this, not only will you suffer a loss and be deprived of any REQ points or XP but you’ll also have to pay a temporary cooldown penalty banning you from matchmaking in Arena.


Banhammer Strikes

To maintain the quality of the Arena experience and standard for fair play of competition, a number of rules have been formulated for all Arena playlists. Halo 5: Guardians has been designed to detect and track down the following actions:

  • Quitting matches
  • Betrayals or team killing
  • Idling (AFK)
  • Intentional suicides
  • Excessive disconnects

If you repeatedly get engaged in any one or all of the negative activities listed above, you will be penalized a ban and be barred from entering matchmaking. The duration of each ban depends on the type of offense you have committed and becomes more severe with each successive violation. For example; killing your teammates continuously to steal the Sniper Rifle will quickly lead to long timeouts from matchmade play.



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