Need For Speed 2015 Launch trailer released [Official]

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Waiting for Need for speed 2015? While the game is yet to release, Electronic Arts has released a new Need for speed 2015 Launch trailer yesterday.

The Recent addition of new NFS cars to its gallery must be giving you the adrenaline rush to speed up and race in as soon as game releases on 3rd of November 2015. We have been come across quite a few pre-release highlights of this game tempting you more with its car customization features that include visual customization, paint & wrap editor, performance upgrades and personalized handling.

Need for Speed 2015 is expected to be the boldest, expeditious and bone-chilling race of exclusive cars. Seize the car racing championship dipped in urban car culture. Gear up and race in to enter another level nocturnal open world where you have the freedom to express your style with authentic car customization and get yourself engrossed in the storyline starring real world celebrities like Magnus Walker and Ken Block.

Feel the power as grab the steering, drive to your own way in your own exclusive masterpiece and let loose your personality on Ventura Bay. Don’t wait for the magic to happen, create the magic in your garage where you can make iconic cars on your own with the most authentic customization in Need for Speed history.

Customize your car by dragging it from stock to Stock + Awesome option within a winking moment.

Need for Speed 2015 gives you the opportunity to visually customize your ride with the hottest aftermarket brands, like Rocket Bunny, Seibon Carbon, and Rauh-Welt Begriff. Another add-on of equipping the world’s wildest parts to craft your one of a kind car gives you the thrill. You can customize almost every part of your ride i.e. from Side Skirts to Spoilers, Fenders to Wing-mirrors, Tires, Rims and much more. Almost every area of the car is available free for you to show your creativity.

Ventura Bay is the place where money talks but reputation (REP) is the policy of the streets. Well you don’t worry about that; you’ll earn both as you slice your path through the immersive plot in the game. Compete in events, try to win and you’ll earn the money you wish to spend large on your dream garage of cars. But keep in note that it is only and only the REP which is the most important coinage of all.

Need for speed Launch Trailer Video:

Here is a video of launch trailer of need for for speed 2015.

“Grab the Clutch and Feel the Power”


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