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As you step ahead in the haunting wasteland of Boston, 200 years after Nuclear war; to survive, to fight against odds and to save the last left humanity, a sheer contentment of determination and power can help you through and take you to your kidnapped son. This is not what Fallout 4 is all about; this adventure-action game follows the bigger the better and the harder this time which has earned it a name in the fame books.

Fallout 4

Since your excitement for the adventure isn’t the same as your previous Fallout series, its difficulty level has also been set up to another peak this time. And these cheats and codes for Fallout 4 in PC platform will help you out to get by:

Cryogun; easy to find, easy to get:

Before you leave Vault 111 where you have been sleeping for 200 years, you can find the Cryogun in a case to arm yourself when you are out in the today’s scavenged world. But to open up the case, you typically need the Master level Locksmith skill. Dogmeat (your canine companion), however, can help you find out when you bring him near the case. To make him get your gun, use the “Fetch” command and select the Item option. Dogmeat will grab the gun for you and drop it in front of you to just add it to your inventory. He also packs ammo, as he is helpful like that.

List of Item codes:

If you wish to make use of the player.additem cheat, you need to enter an item code and quantity, once the cheat has been activated from the console. Run down your eyes through the following list of items and gear you can spawn, along with their corresponding codes:


  • Bottlecap – 0000000F
  • Stimpak – 00023736
  • Rad Away – 00023742
  • Fusion Core – 00075FE4
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum – 0004835F


  • Perception Bobblehead – 00178B5D


  • Grognak’s Axe – ff002c79
  • Kremvh’s Tooth – 00225b5e
  • Shem Drowne Sword – ff00364a
  • Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun – ff001a74
  • Shishkebab – ff001532
  • Suppressed Deliverer Pistol – ff001a23
  • 2076 World Series Baseball Bat – ff003687
  • Zeta Gun – ff001dec
  • Alien Blaster Pistol – ff0010ea
  • Broadsider – ff0036c9
  • Cryolator – 00171B2B
  • Experiment 18-A – ff001795


  • Minigun – 0001F669
  • Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher – 000BD56F
  • Flamer – ff002e24
  • Gatling Laser – ff002e1f
  • Gauss Rifle – ff0036d3
  • Missile Launcher – ff0031dc
  • Power Fist – ff0017f0
  • Revolutionary Sword – ff0019f9
  • Railway Rifle – ff0026ce
  • Submachine Gun – ff0031b5
  • Combat Shotgun – ff00268c
  • Walking Cane – ff001e22
  • Ripper – ff0031b5


  • Minutemen General’s Uniform – ff001cd6
  • Minutemen General’s Hat – ff001ebc
  • Kellogg’s Outfit – ff000df8
  • Colonial Duster – ff003687
  • Grognak Costume – ff0036c9
  • Hazmat Suit – ff001f66
  • Quinlan’s Armor – ff00281b
  • Vault 81 Jumpsuit – ff002b82
  • Vault 114 Jumpsuit – ff00396f
  • Vault 111 Jumpsuit – ff001e77
  • Vault 101 Jumpsuit – ff001bad
  • T-45 Power Armor Helm – 00154abf
  • T-45 Power Armor Left Arm – 00154abd
  • T-45 Power Armor Left Leg – 00154ac0
  • T-45 Power Armor Right Arm – 00154abe
  • T-45 Power Armor Right Leg – 00154ac1
  • T-45 Power Armor Chest – 00154ac2
  • T-60 Power Armor Helm – 00140c4a
  • T-60 Power Armor Left Arm – 00140c3d
  • T-60 Power Armor Left Leg – 00140c49
  • T-60 Power Armor Right Arm – 00140c45
  • T-60 Power Armor Right Leg – 00140c3f
  • T-60 Power Armor Chest – 00140c42
  • X-01 Power Armor Helm – 00154ac5
  • X-01 Power Armor Left Arm – 00154ac3
  • X-01 Power Armor Left Leg – 00154ac6
  • X-01 Power Armor Right Arm – 00154ac4
  • X-01 Power Armor Right Leg – 00154ac7
  • X-01 Power Armor Chest – 00154ac8


  • 5mm Rounds – 0001F66C
  • .308 Rounds – ff00272d
  • .38 Rounds – ff003561
  • .44 Rounds – ff002685
  • Alien Blaster Ammo – ff002339
  • Cannonball – ff0027cf
  • Flamer Fuel – ff0015fd
  • Fusion Cell – ff001e8a
  • Gamma Rounds – ff002843
  • Mini-Nuke – 000E6B2E
  • Missiles – ff003983
  • Plasma Cartridge – ff00366b
  • Railroad Spikes – ff002979
  • Cryo Cell – 0018ABE2


  • Duct Tape – 0004D1F2
  • Fibre Optics – 00069087
  • Screw – 00069081
  • Aluminium – 0006907A
  • Nuclear Material – 00069086
  • Toy Alien – 00059B2B
  • Large Baby Bottle – 001A899B
  • Military Grade Circuit Board – 00154AD2
  • Springs – 00069082
  • Circuitry – 0006907B
  • Ceramics – 000AEC5E
  • Camera – 00059A83

Unlimited Bartering with Arturo brings you the best deal (Exploit):

Exploiting  and exchanging items with Arturo in Diamond City can be a beneficial bartering to you. You can sell unlimited items to Arturo who in turn makes extremely expensive items available to you early in your campaign.

The items you can collect for exchange is by defeating enemies and looting areas until you have a few hundred caps in your possession. To get a better deal for all your possessions, you need to head to Diamond City and speak with Arturo. Select from his wares, and indicate your wish to purchase all of his ammo of a particular type (especially the best) but instead of finalizing the deal, access your items and sell a single unit of the ammo you just bought from Arturo. Then, sell any left out of that same ammo type which will not exactly give up all your ammo packs; instead there is a game bug that keeps a single unit of that ammo in your inventory, allowing you to sell him continuously.

This glitch in the game can’t help you obtain more caps than Arturo has in its store, but you can repeatedly sell him the glitched ammo to build up your resources. This is your best bet to use the trick with any type of ammo you purchase from Arturo, as long as you have enough initial caps required which can also draw some of your time and needs a lot of button presses. If everything done sequentially and properly, you can save all kinds of powerful equipment in your inventory keeping in mind that the glitch is only effective while dealing with Arturo.

Great Falls take you to dead end; survive them:

Had a great fall from a terrible height! That’s basically the end of your game as you will dead by then. But you can still survive that fall by saving your game just before you hit the ground and then load your saved game; that will land you safely.

Console Cheats List

Now activate the console cheats with just one press on “~” (the key above TAB). Enter one of the codes below to activate the corresponding effect stated below:

  • tgm – God Mode (infinite health, ammo, AP)
  • tai – Toggle all NPC AI on / off
  • tcai – Toggle NPC combat AI on / off
  • tcl – Turn NoClip mode on / off
  • tmm 1 – Show all markers on map
  • unlock – Unlock selected door / terminal
  • tfc – Enable free-roaming camera
  • Kill – Kill selected target
  • KillAll – Kill all NPCs in immediate area
  • player.additem [item code] [#] – Add an item to your inventory
  • player.placeatme [object code] – Spawn an item or NPC nearby

To add more cheats you know, feel free to submit in our comments section below.

Happy to Help you!


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