Just Cause 3 cheats, codes & unlockables for PC

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Having difficulty get through the Just Cause 3 game? Well, we have Just Cause 3 cheats PC available for you to get over the game sleekly. Just Cause 3 was released worldwide on December 1, 2015, for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and has been on the best games of 2015 list since then.

Just Cause 3 cheats

Just Cause 3 is all about the open world, destruction mechanics, and its action-adventure genre which has defined its own standard of difficulty.

To move ahead smoothly in this game, go through the Just Cause 3 cheats, codes, and unlockables listed below:

Just Cause 3 Cheats- PC:

1. Special Unlockables:

If you want to unlock additional vehicles and gear you first need to meet the corresponding requirements specified below:

  • Fast Travel – Activate all Rebel Shrine locations
  • Noir Mode – Locate all Vintage parts
  • Capstone Hydra (Weapon) – Find Cava Grenade in Prospere
  • CS Negotiator (Weapon) – Free Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco
  • CS-110 Archangel (Weapon) – Free Espia Alta in Capite Est
  • CS-44 Peacebringer (Weapon) – Locate all Vintage parts in Insula Dracon
  • Fire Leech (Weapon) – Free Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda
  • Handheld Mortar (Weapon) – Activate all Ancient Tomb locations
  • U-24 Shotgun Bully (Weapon) – Locate all Vintage parts in Insula Fonte
  • U-7 Dravec (Weapon) – Free Vulture in Maestrale
  • UPU-210 (Weapon) – Free Espia Bassa in Petra
  • USV-45 Sokol (Weapon) – Free Vigilator Nord in Plague
  • UVK-13 (Weapon) – Free Vigilator in Sud Sirocco
  • Assault Chopper (Vehicle) – Finish the story campaign, or locate all 70 Di Ravello tapes
  • CS Baltdjur (Vehicle) – Free Cima Leon Silos in Lacos
  • CS Navajo (Vehicle) – Free Puncta Sud in Petra
  • CS Odjur (Vehicle) – Free Alte Potentia in Grande Pastura
  • CS7 Thunderhawk (Vehicle) – Free Griphon in Costa Sud
  • Custom Geschwind (Vehicle) – Execute all Daredevil jumps in Insula Forte
  • Custom Kletter 300 (Vehicle) – Execute all Daredevil jumps in Insula Dracon
  • Imperator Bavarium Tank (Vehicle) – Free Cava Montana in Montana
  • Incendario Monster Truck (Vehicle) – Execute all Daredevil jumps in Insula Striate
  • Pavouk U-15 (Vehicle) – Free Cava Grande Secunde in Prospere
  • Stria Facocero (Vehicle) – Free Porto Le Gratia in Lavanda
  • U41 Ptakojester (Vehicle) – Free Falco Maxime: Centcom
  • Urga Fura 570 (Vehicle) – Free Cava Geminos Est in Rocca Blauda
  • Urga Hroch (Vehicle) – Free Corda Dracon in Centcom
  • Urga Ogar 7 V8 (Vehicle) – Free Le Tutor in Nord Sirocco
  • Urga Szturm 63A (Vehicle) – Free Cava Geminos in Sud Rocca Blauda

2. Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3:

Here we have some of the references for easter eggs to explored in Just Cause 3 explaining how to grab them.

(i)Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir):

At certain coordinates of N 40 48.566 E 5 40.873, you will discover a large crater. At its center lies a weapon that looks exactly like Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Grab it at once to unlock it.

(ii) Dark Souls Bonfire Easter Egg

If you head to the following coordinates: N 40 41.221, E 5 35.019, you can find an unruffled reference to the Dark Souls games. Located on a beach, will be a stack of kindling with a rifle wedged into the ground and sited vertically like a sword. You will be able to light the bonfire, as you would do it in a Dark Souls game in order to save your progress.

Here’s the walkthrough of the reference showing how to do it.

To get Just Cause 3 cheats, codes & unlockables for Xbox One and PS4, check out for Just Cause 3 cheats Xbox One and Just Cause 3 cheats PS4 respectively.

You can also submit any latest cheat, code or unlockable for the game here.


Just Cause 3 cheats, codes & unlockables for Xbox One

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