Just Cause 3 cheats, codes & unlockables for Xbox One

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The Just Cause 3 cheats Xbox One is now available down here to get over the game sleekly. Just Cause 3 was released worldwide on December 1, 2015, and has been played thoroughly since then on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Just Cause 3 (2015)

Just Cause 3 is one of the best games of 2015 that has attracted the players for a variety of tools provided for traversal in the game for exploration and expedition. Since the game is all about the open world, destruction mechanics, and its promotion of player agency, this third installment in the Just Cause series set a standard of difficulty to play through.

To move ahead smoothly in this game, go through the Just Cause 3 cheats, codes, and unlockables listed below:

Just Cause 3 cheats- Xbox One:

Special Unlockables:

If you want to unlock vehicles and gear you first need to meet the corresponding requirements specified below:

  • Fast Travel – Activate all Rebel Shrine locations
  • Noir Mode – Locate all Vintage parts
  • Capstone Hydra (Weapon) – Find Cava Grenade in Prospere
  • CS Negotiator (Weapon) – Free Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco
  • CS-110 Archangel (Weapon) – Free Espia Alta in Capite Est
  • CS-44 Peacebringer (Weapon) – Locate all Vintage parts in Insula Dracon
  • Fire Leech (Weapon) – Free Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda
  • Handheld Mortar (Weapon) – Activate all Ancient Tomb locations
  • U-24 Shotgun Bully (Weapon) – Locate all Vintage parts in Insula Fonte
  • U-7 Dravec (Weapon) – Free Vulture in Maestrale
  • UPU-210 (Weapon) – Free Espia Bassa in Petra
  • USV-45 Sokol (Weapon) – Free Vigilator Nord in Plague
  • UVK-13 (Weapon) – Free Vigilator in Sud Sirocco
  • Assault Chopper (Vehicle) – Finish the story campaign, or locate all 70 Di Ravello tapes
  • CS Baltdjur (Vehicle) – Free Cima Leon Silos in Lacos
  • CS Navajo (Vehicle) – Free Puncta Sud in Petra
  • CS Odjur (Vehicle) – Free Alte Potentia in Grande Pastura
  • CS7 Thunderhawk (Vehicle) – Free Griphon in Costa Sud
  • Custom Geschwind (Vehicle) – Execute all Daredevil jumps in Insula Forte
  • Custom Kletter 300 (Vehicle) – Execute all Daredevil jumps in Insula Dracon
  • Imperator Bavarium Tank (Vehicle) – Free Cava Montana in Montana
  • Incendario Monster Truck (Vehicle) – Execute all Daredevil jumps in Insula Striate
  • Pavouk U-15 (Vehicle) – Free Cava Grande Secunde in Prospere
  • Stria Facocero (Vehicle) – Free Porto Le Gratia in Lavanda
  • U41 Ptakojester (Vehicle) – Free Falco Maxime: Centcom
  • Urga Fura 570 (Vehicle) – Free Cava Geminos Est in Rocca Blauda
  • Urga Hroch (Vehicle) – Free Corda Dracon in Centcom
  • Urga Ogar 7 V8 (Vehicle) – Free Le Tutor in Nord Sirocco
  • Urga Szturm 63A (Vehicle) – Free Cava Geminos in Sud Rocca Blauda

Easter Eggs References:

Here we have some of the references for easter eggs to explore in Just Cause 3 explaining how to grab them.

1. Doge Mode:

To unlock the Doge Mode, you need to head towards the southwestern portion of Massos, where the town of Soliana is located. Look for the area where a flock of people is assembled near a heap of garbage. There you’ll find a dog, looking to cross the street. Help him reach safely to his doghouse and you will unlock Doge Mode. Since this is based on the popular Internet meme when you blast things apart, brightly colored and grammatically incorrect text will appear on-screen, celebrating your “WAY COOL” or “MUCH PRETTY” explosions.

2. Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir):

At certain coordinates of N 40 48.566 E 5 40.873, you will discover a large crater. At its center lies a weapon that looks exactly like Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Grab it at once to unlock it.

3. Dark Souls Bonfire Easter Egg:

If you head to the following coordinates: N 40 41.221, E 5 35.019, you can find an unruffled reference to the Dark Souls games. Located on a beach, will be a stack of kindling with a rifle wedged into the ground and sited vertically like a sword. You will be able to light the bonfire, as you would do it in a Dark Souls game in order to save your progress.

Here’s the walkthrough of the reference showing how to do it.

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Just Cause 3 cheats, codes & unlockables for PC


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