Street Fighter 5: 2 new fighters revealed with their character overview trailers

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Capcom brings you two new characters for Street Fighter V, Necalli and Zangief. Street Fighter 5 has gained quite a limelight towards itself since its announcement. After the huge success of the 4th game of Street Fighter franchise, the latest sequel is expected to be one of the most played games of 2016.

Trending ahead with character overview video series the game’s publisher, developer Capcom recently came up with two new trailers that showcase the fighters Necalli and Zangief, who first appeared in Street Fighter II. These newly launched videos present Capcom producer Matt Edwards displaying the characters, explaining their moves and much more. Watch them out below.

Street Fighter 5- Character Overview Trailers

1.) Necalli

Street Fighter 5-Necalli (2016)

Necalli is the first of four brand-new characters in the upcoming game of Street Fighter franchise and primarily a close-range fighter.

Following are the moves, powers and abilities of Necalli. Take a look below:

Normal Throws

  • Soul Sealer
  • Soul Discriminator

V- Skill

  • Culminated Power

V- Trigger

  • Torrent of Power

V- Reversal

  • The Calling

Unique Attacks

  • Opening Dagger
  • Road of the Sun
  • Sacrificial Altar

Special Moves

  • The Disc’s Guidance (Now requires charge)
  • Raging Light (Now requires charge)
  • Mask of TLALLI
  • Valiant Rebellion

Critical Art

  • Ceremony of Honor
  • Soul Offering

Necalli Character Trailer

2.) Zangief

Street Fighter 5- Zangief (2016)

Zangief is the latest fighter introduced to the collection of Street Fighter 5 characters showcasing tremendous muscle strength in the character overview trailer. Zangief has been brought back from Street Fighter 2 to this upcoming sequel of Street Fighter game series due its popularity and moves.

Following are the moves, powers and abilities of Zangief. Take a look below:

Normal Throws

  • Atomic Drop
  • Captured

V- Skill

  • Iron Muscle

V- Trigger

  • Cyclone Lariat

V- Reversal

  • Muscle Explosion

Unique Attacks

  • Head Butt
  • Knee Hammer
  • Flying Body Press

Special Moves

  • Screw Pile Driver
  • Double Lariat
  • Siberian Express
  • BORSCHT Dynamite

Critical Art

  • Bolshoi Russian Suplex

Zangief Character Trailer

Of a collection of characters you get to play, Necalli and Zangief are the two playable characters that will be available during the Street Fighter 5 release date later this month. More characters are lined up for the releases in the game after launch.

Necalli is one of the four brand-new characters of Street Fighter 5; the others are Laura, Rashid, and F.A.N.G. And Zangief yet needs a bit more description for being introduced in the game.

Street Fighter 5 is set to come out on February 16 in North America and Europe for PS4 and PC, sustaining cross-play between both the platforms.

In the other news recently, Capcom announced that a story mode for the game will launch this summer as a free update.

To know more about the game, its features, trailer, and overall info, check out our detailed post about Street Fighter 5.


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