Super Mario Maker adds wallpaper creator to its features

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Now Super Mario Maker gives you the pleasure to turn one of your levels into your desktop wallpaper. Introducing new feature to hearten their fans, Nintendo has released a wallpaper creator website based on the Mario game’s creation tools. Making its mark on best games of 2015, Super Mario Maker gets even better with this new feature.

Super Mario Maker 2015

The Super Mario Maker-themed wallpaper creator, allows you to build your own wallpapers expanding the game’s level creation to the PC and mobile devices (via Polygon).

Though the entire display is in Japanese, is still doesn’t make it difficult for you to find the resolution you need to start creating. To save your final wallpaper, click the button with the robot face beneath your level once you are finished with your creation. This will take you to an image of your wallpaper, so you can save it for use on your desktop or other compatible mobile devices.

This Mario Level Builder lets you choose between the four game styles: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U, a lot similar to what the Wii U game offers. It also gives you the liberty to select which area you want to build in, be it the Mushroom Kingdom overworld, underwater, or a ghost house.

Though it might disappoint you a bit that, not every object in the game is accessible for you to decorate your wallpapers but you can still grab the pipes, Goombas, and Bowser and put them into use. Howsoever, a bit unfortunate is that you cannot use Pow blocks, Super Stars, or springboards.

Becoming so popular among the audience, a web service for Super Mario Maker also launched back in December that allows players to more easily search for levels and bookmark them so that they can play it later on the Wii U.


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