“The Witness” trophies list for PS4

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Witnessing quite an appreciation from the audience, the recently released game “The Witness” has earned positive reviews and applauses for its clever maze puzzles with extensive depth, great use of open-world structure, gorgeous locales with underlying secrets, and subtle, intelligent teaching methods.

Being one of the most anticipated games of 2016, “The Witness” lives up to the expectation of its fans with its brilliant yet hard puzzle based gameplay. But to cheer you up we have a complete list of trophies enlisted with their respective tasks and effects to achieve them.

Take a look below at the trophies of The Witness PS4:


There are 14 Trophies 1 Platinum, 11 Gold, and 2 Silver.


  • Platinum – Get every trophy.


  • Shady Trees – Activate the Shady Trees laser.
  • Desert Ruin – Activate the Desert Ruin laser.
  • Treehouses – Activate the Treehouse laser.
  • Quarry – Activate the Quarry laser.
  • Marsh – Activate the Marsh laser.
  • Jungle – Activate the Jungle laser.
  • Monastery – Activate the Monastery laser.
  • Bunker – Activate the Bunker laser.
  • Town – Activate the Town laser.
  • Endgame – Reach the end.
  • Challenge – Complete a certain challenge.


  • Symmetry – Activate the Symmetry laser.
  • Keep – Activate the Keep laser

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