Starwars Dlc: Play as Greedo and Nien Nunb with new weapons at new locations

Starwars Battlefront new DLC is expected to arrive in March. This DLC update is mostly about Outer Rim. In Outer Rim, players can play in new locations and with new characters.

Starwars Battlefront last new maps and multiplayer mission update arrived in the last week of February. To new characters, Greedo and Nien Nunb, are introduced in this new DLC along with new locations, mode, and weapons.

Note: This is a paid DLC and not the free one. Players will get these add-ons in Battlefront Season Pass

2 new Iconic Heroes:


2 new iconic heroes are added to the game. The players who have also watched Starwars movies are likely to know Greedo. Greedo was first introduced in the 6th part of the movie franchise Starwars: A new hope. But he was murdered by Han Solo in Mos Eisley Cantina and so his part was very short in the movie. Similarly, Nien Numb was introduced in Starwars: Return of the Jedi.

New locations to explore:

New locations are also added to the game via this Downloadable content. Battlefront players can explore Jabba The Hutt’s Palace and the smelting factory of Sullust. In Jabba’s palace, you will have access to 2 locations: the Jabba’s throne room and sail barge garage of Tatooine.

New Mode: Extraction:

A new game mode namely Extraction is also added in this upcoming DLC. Extraction is one of the most dangerous places in Outer Rim. Rebel Forces has entered in this location and are trying to extract resource shipment. This is enough to get the logic behind the new mode name.

According to EA: 

Rebel forces have entered some of the most dangerous places in the Outer Rim in order to extract a valuable shipment of resources. Now they must bring the shipment to their transport ship before time runs out. The Empire has arrived to stop them from reaching the extraction point.

New Weapons:

Players purchasing this DLC update will get new weapons to arm themselves with.  Players will get Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol.

Along with these new weapons, players will be able to collect new Star Cards: Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim Star Card.

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