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Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know


Nintendo switch is a forthcoming entry in the video game console market and the seventh of its category from the company Nintendo. With the quoted price, it will have a tough fight with arch rivals Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But is it only an addition to the video game console timeline or it is really awesome to try out?   About Nintendo Switch A Nintendo Switch is a self-contained unit, which can be charged with a USB-C cable – a universally acceptable charger. It runs on the same processing technology like a tablet computer, too, making it more geared …

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4 best budget game controllers for PC you should buy

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Everyone who plays video games wants to have the best Game Controller depending upon their gaming needs, and most of us regret after buying a gamepad just to know that they are just a crap and you just kill all your gaming skills. Why? Just because of a crappy Gaming Controller? So, today, I am writing about the top 4 Game controllers for PC that I feel are excellent in my opinion. The Gamepads featured here are superb, and I have had a good experience with them playing Far Cry and some other games last year. So, without any further …

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Download Super Mario Run Cheats codes for iOS(iPhone/iPad)


The current generation grew up saving Mario’s princess for him. Mario still rules the hearts of all the gamers out there and we can see it with the success of Super Mario wallpaper creator. Super Mario Run is what they are obsessed with. Super Mario game is designed for all the Apple users as well as all the Android users, and it is like a dream come true for all the gamers as it is very easy to play. And now we have Super Mario Run cheats for iOS playes. In fact, it is so easy that we can play …

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