Nintendo switch vs PS4 Pro: Specifications comparison

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Nintendo Switch is yet to enter the marketplace, but our PS4 Pro is already made an entry in the market. There are huge fans of both the games so; there is a clear battle between them. So we are giving a detailed comparison between Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Pro.

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Nintendo focuses on creating fun video games and provide the gamers with the best gaming experience. The makers have revealed about Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2016, and the release date is March 3, 2017. It’s not just a simple HD game there’s a lot of treasure hidden in it.

Sony’s Ps4 pro is bigger than ever, with more power under the hood and capable of handling 4K and high dynamic range (HDR) video. PS4 Pro is a most powerful gaming console that is worth your money.

According to Pc mag  “Ps4 pro is more powerful and has a higher storage capacity, but the big benefits will only be seen if you have a 4K TV that supports “.

Performance wise they both are best in their terms, but still, I will explain all the terms in detailed wise. So get ready to see the comparison between both of them.

Nintendo Switch vs Ps4 Pro Comparison:

1. Display

Ps4 pro has 29.5 x 32.7 x 5.5cm 1080p display screen while the Switch has a 6.2-inch 1,280 x 720-pixel touch screen unit.

2. Touchscreen

There is a touch screen tablet included with the Nintendo Switch which makes it a genuinely original device. For the interaction with a dock included in the console, the touch screen is very useful.

When the console is connected to television, it can recognise the tablet within a few seconds with the display of the tablet immediately showing up for gameplay once it is removed from the Nintendo Switch docking device.

The PS4 Pro has many features, but there is no such technology like touch screen included in it.

3. Portability

One of the interesting aspects of the Nintendo Switch is its portable nature, because of its portable nature you can take it anywhere along with you and enjoy your game play experience.

You can console to play on the go. This feature is perfect for both the home and handheld markets. This could provide a Nintendo Switch with a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Coming to PS4 Pro, it does not boast similar features, with Sony having struggled to penetrate the handheld market with its PSP and Vita releases.

4. Pricing

The makers are dropping Switch with a tag price of $299, that’s a very competitive console. The PS4 Pro’s RRP is $399, but the Value Walk said that “ Sony will likely cut the price significantly at some point this year, particularly ahead of the release of the Xbox Scorpio.”

So, there’s a chances that Sony will take this price a little down. Nintendo should be well aware that the Switch is entering a challenging marketplace.

5. Virtual Reality

The availability of JoyCon control system included with the console is indeed ideal for VR in Nintendo Switch. Still, there’s a bit lack of power in the device, but it would be interesting to see what Nintendo can deliver in this department with the Nintendo Switch.

Sony possesses virtual reality in their every device mainly with the release of the PlayStation VR headset. PS4 Pro too has these advantages.

6. Hardware

Ps4 Pro is powered by the graphics processor (GPU) which generates the 3D graphics in games. Its upgraded processor handles things like physics and artificial intelligence in games.

Ps4 Pro has 8GB GDDR5 memory which improves its performance. It also provides extra 1GB of memory for non-gaming applications like Netflix. This lets you switch between apps faster.

The Switch includes a slot for a microSD Card and a USB Type-C Connector. The Nintendo Switch Dock includes two USB 2.0 Ports and a TV Output LED in the front.

7. Software:

Coming to the software part which is the most interesting points for comparison between the two consoles.

The PS4 Pro benefits from a large raft of software, with every mainstream developer already involved with the Sony console.

The switch console is equipped with the fully custom software system including ‘new libraries, advanced game tools and a revamped physics engine.

PS4 Pro: Pros and Cons

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Nintendo Switch: Pros AndCons:

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Wrapping Up:

In most of the ways, both PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch have proved that they are best. They both are targeting different demographics.

Sony is keen to brand the PS4 Pro as a hardcore gamers’ machine, while Nintendo will instead emphasise the family-friendly qualities of the Switch.

Nintendo Switch is more versatile and worth the money while Sony console brought a robust package with Ps4 Pro.

I hope you like my comparison of Nintendo switch vs Ps4 pro. Comments are welcomed.



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