Best strategic games of 2017 for every platform


Games are everyone passion irrespective of age. Strategic games are for those who like a constant pull to the grey cells. The ones who want to think what they are playing, develop a strategy, a counter strategy. The gaming world is swarming with strategic games on iOS, Android, PC or a gaming console. The games range from a Battle Arena to war fields, Building up civilizations to a Kung Fu Master. Here are some list of the strategy games you should play in 2017. Best strategic games 2017: Civilization VI: As the name suggests the players represent the leader of …

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Best gaming montiors

Best Gaming Monitors under $150


A good gaming monitor is as important an asset for a gamer as a gamepad or processor. If you have the best gamepad for pc or a super fast running processor with the best graphics card but not a good monitor, your game experience will not be good enough. But monitors are either very costly or you will waste enough time in selecting the best among them. Which is why we made this list of the finest gaming computer screens under $150 which you should consider getting. If you’re playing a Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMO), Real Time Strategy (RTS), …

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Need for speed 2017: NFS Payback Trailer


In a new post, EA Sports has revealed upcoming one of the Need for Speed 2017 trailers. The game, as reported, is named “NFS Payback”. Along with first of the NFS payback trailers, some other information about the game has also been revealed on their official website. According to the article on the website, the game will be available to play in the last quarter of 2017. You can watch the trailer below. The last game of the Need for Speed franchise was Need for Speed Reboot and the game received positive reviews by the users and the critics both. It was launched in …

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