Best strategic games of 2017 for every platform

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Games are everyone passion irrespective of age. Strategic games are for those who like a constant pull to the grey cells. The ones who want to think what they are playing, develop a strategy, a counter strategy. The gaming world is swarming with strategic games on iOS, Android, PC or a gaming console. The games range from a Battle Arena to war fields, Building up civilizations to a Kung Fu Master.

Here are some list of the strategy games you should play in 2017.

Best strategic games 2017:

Civilization VI:

As the name suggests the players represent the leader of a country or a civilization. Each player has to build up his civilization on below parameters

  • Population
  • Land
  • Technological advancement
  • Cultural evolution

The game relates to most of the social human behaviour leading to its great fan following. For the turns the player play they have to build civil and military troops to set up their civilization. The civil and military troops grow the civilization with their own ways

Civil Troops:

  • Produce new units and buildings in their cities.
  • Improve the land holding.
  • Be diplomatic to convince other lands to take them as leaders.
  • Improvise food supply, technology, culture and economy.
  • As a tourist influence other players civilization to take them as leader.

Military Troops:

  • Battle to protect their own civilization against the opponent attack.
  • Battle to capture other civilizations and become the leader there.

The troops are also sub divided in 26 flavors for growth. The city’s are the incense of  the entire civilization starting the foundation with settler unit. The tiles determine the size of the civilization land and can be bought with gold too. With so much at your disposal to play with the game gives you lots to strategize and be a winner. The gameplay makes you span thousands of years to be the winner of civilization with the liveliest graphics and the wonders of world to add like Statue of Liberty, pyramids. With an impressive AI and great automation tools to enhance your civilization the game is the best PC based strategic games.

  • Off World Trading Company:

Engine: Unity
Publisher: Stardock
Genre: Real-time strategy
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

The game is for the ones who wish to explore the outer space neighbor Mars from their PC only. From the developers of CIV this is the other end of the world. This is an economic strategic game rather than a battle strategy game. The economic battle is no less exciting than a real battle ground. Sabotaging your opponent and taking over their resource yield you exponential growth. The game has fourteen resources. Water, aluminum Iron, Silicon, and Carbon Iron, Silicon, and Carbon are obtained from hexes so the more hexes you acquire more unbeatable you become. The game aims at buying a chunk of the state in all 4 off world trading companies.

XCOM 2: A Multiplayer turn based PC/PS4/XBOX game is a tactics game. Story of the game revolves around a military group fighting against an alien attack. You as a player are the commander of your game to prevent the alien occupation of earth. You handle the front of the war zone between your troops and alien troops but you also need to command your engineering and research department at the base to build new gadgets with new technologies to keep your front troops ahead of the alien troops. The soldiers in your troops have their own set of abilities e.g a Grenadier class has access to grenades and explosives while melee troops are armed with swords.

The games begins with no one knowing your army strength. The battle strategy implementation needs to be apt. Be heartless but do loot those corpses as who know you may end up with a super weapon.

To add to the fun also you can customize your armies too.

Total War Shot gun 2:

A PC/PS4 strategic video game that takes you to 16th century warzone of Japan. In the game Japan is dealing with rival clans attacking each other for control. The player manages one of the clans and tries to take over the other clans and strengthening its clan and then taking over entire Japan. A real-time battle ground gets too competitive with it huge fan following.

Keeping the clan fit to rage a war is no easy job one player as leader needs to take care of settlements, military production, economic growth, and technological advancement respectively. The areas to be captured are called fractions, the more fractions you acquire with your strategy the more quickly will you acquire the Japan.

The nine clans are those that you choose from. The clan you chose gives you a lead in particular fraction you need to pre-strategize that. Clans like Chosokabe have strong bowmen and can earn a lot from farming, Hojo is a castle building clan.

Shogun 2 is known for a unique event known as Realm Divide in which all the existing clans ally and attack each other. A Multiplayer battle can go upto 8 players.


Cities: Skylines

From the 16th century Japan lets get a more closer to todays era and build the cities. A single player game gives you the feel of an urban developer. You as a plan have to build your city starting with planning, zoning, road placements, taxation, public sevices and public transportation. You as the leader of your city need to take care of pollution, traffic, health, population.

You start the game with a 1.2 mile * 1.2 mile plot and a certain amount of money. You have to plan and strategize the optimize the development parameters of your city like add roads and homesteads. Separate industrial, and commercial zones and basic amenities like power, water, and wastage disposal. These amenities make more residents to chose your city and make it stronger.

The population explosion of the city unlocks new levels for the player like schools, fire stations, police stations, hospitals and waste management systems, taxes and other government activities.

The quality of the residents that are lured to your city renders you more levels to unlock.  Keep improving your city and get more to unlock.

Endless Legend:

A 4X strategy game based on pure fantasy. The gameplay is to acquire “Auriga” world the player being the leader of one of the eleven races/factions. The acquisition can be diplomacy driven or war driven. The player needs to keep strategizing from the base supporting the front warriors with new technologies, touristing the places and establishing new cities.

All is fantasy based the powers of each faction ranges from Magic to underwater walkable troops. The city you control needs to nuture itself with food, industry, dust, science, and influence.Faction controlled cities are used to create resources, construct buildings and build armies.

Dust is the currency of the world “Auriga”. Diplomacy is used to acquire lands and build your own cities.

A fantasy world with great graphics makes you glued to the game.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of war:

A Military science fiction RTS game to capture strategic locations on the battle ground. The game gives your four playable armies to choose from Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Eldar and Orks. The main resources are requisition and Power. The infantry units attack in groups of 8 called squads. They can replenish their resources on the battle ground itself after waiting for few seconds. Heavy weaponry like anti-tank rockets are available to take down destroy vehicles. Having the hitpoint systems they have a morale point system too. Commanders have the most morale, and basic infantry have the least.

A complete battleground game to get that feel with its laser sharp graphics.

The Clash Royale:

A MMO ranking game as per the level, trophies and arenas. There are 11 arenas each giving your few trophies. The game wants the player to destroy each other’s towers. When you take down the Crown tower the game is over for your opponent. At the starting of the game each player gets to choose its set of cards called deck. The 73 variants of cards come in four sections : Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Each card is categorized as a Defense or attack card. The card can be played only when it has sufficient Elixir. 1 Elixir point takes 2.8 seconds to replenish. The winner of battle gets a chest that can be locked to find a common, rare, epic or legendary card.

Player can chose to be part of Clans and can share the decks and develop strategies.

Receiving many 5 star reviews for the graphics, ease of play, Challenges the game is the best on Android and iOS. If you want to learn more about clash royale then check out

Machines at war:

A RTS game depicting war plays around saving the scientists. A game with 21 missions to win and 130 units to deploy from whole spectrum. When the Omicron mystery is solved the combat keeps coming. A multiplayer game gives you to face 3 opponents. The units attack with categories as engineering, buildings and defense. In tier one you get the basic units as you tier up the upgrades keep pouring in. The third tier includes all ICBMs, satellite systems, and mega units, you’ll need control of a special resource node to build those big huge mega units.

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