Upcoming games 2018


Here is a list of upcoming games of 2018. The games are divided according to the month of the release for your ease.This post has the basic details of the games but you can see trailers and reviews of the games by clicking on the button in front of them. Upcoming Games 2018: The list of games coming in 2018 consists of PS4, XBOX, XBOX one, Nintendo Switch and PC games. The console is written in the details. So you can choose the game you want to buy according to the console you own. The Escapists 2 Release date: Jan 11th, 2018 …

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gta 5 car with machine gun

GTA 5 latest update include car with automatic firing machine guns


GTA 5 has a new update and this is all about what the game is known for.  The heart of America includes Anger, Machine Guns, Cars and nowhere that heart beat stronger than in the Annis Savestra, now available a highly-customizable mean machine from GTA Online’s Legendary Motorsport that mix heavy weaponry with high output. In this week’s  update of GTA Online adds a new Adversary Mode called Slashers in which you will, as Rockstar put it, “bludgeon a malevolent shotgun-wielding clown in the face with a flashlight,” and get paid for it too. From now on till 8th January …

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