Devil May Cry HD Collection

devil may cry hd collection

For the fanatics of the DMC series here is their latest presentation from the Capcom in the form of Devil May Cry HD collection of the first three titles of the series. You will get the download link at the end of the article.


About the game:

Series: Devil May Cry

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Publisher: Hideki Kamiya

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2

Genre: Hack & Slash

Release: 13th March 20184

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You can add these to your collection if you are a really enthusiastic fan of this series. Well, I will suggest to add it too in your collection as it’s part of your childhood memories but if you compare it up with the latest graphics capable games then it has nothing to boast about, but it will give you lot of reminiscence of you gamer as child though!!

Download links:

So talking about the collection well the visuals are slightly upgraded otherwise everything is kept as it is from game-play to cut-scenes everything is of past. But if you’re eager, add in your collection as memory its good and for those who haven’t heard about this series although you would not like the graphics but for the gameplay and the story it’s worth spending some dimes on it. So go get a grab on in steam and Microsoft store..!!

Windows (Steam link): Download here

Xbox (Microsoft store): Download here

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