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About PUBG Mobile:

Developer                    PUBG Corporation

Publisher                     PUBG Corporation ( Windows ), Microsoft Studios ( Xbox One ), Tencent Games ( Mobile )

Director                       Brendan Greene

Producer                      Chang-han Kim

Designer                      Brendan Greene

Engine                         Unreal Engine 4

Platform                      Microsoft Window, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Genre                          Battle Royale

Mode                           Multiplayer

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PUBG mobile version is published by Tencent Games and it’s a Battle Royale Genre game. The best game for letting someone pass time while he is free during your job or some work. The game time limit is around 30 mins and Players has to survive the game while killing out other players and surviving the restricted area zone. There are various kind of weapons from melee to shooting and there are lots of vehicles can be found for traveling through the game world or you can just walk throughout the game if you find it easy.

The most played game on pc of open-world multiplayer survival game PUBG mobile is launched for mobile gaming lovers. It’s really fun game to be played throughout the world by the gamers as many of the games for mobiles has been launched on the same concept but didn’t get hyped but its over now as the official game has been launched now.

The game-play is same as pc version, you get same 100 players in three different formats Solo, Duo, Squad you can be played by the gamers. Currently, there is going on the first season and some benefits for the new players as in Beta form you will get gifts for worthwhile so join the game as soon as possible. Size of the game is under 1GB so you can definitely enjoy it.

As, if we talk about the graphics it can be managed in the graphics setting mode from low, mid, high to ultra high and performance can also be determined for the better play of the game. Gaming is smooth and utmost network glitches as so there are no network issues of getting disconnected during the game.

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Download link:

Android: Google Playstore

iOS: iTunes Appstore

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