Lords Mobile: New Updates and added Features


Lords Mobile is one of the top charting real-time strategy mobile MMO game. Lords Mobile was chosen as one of the competitive game and Android Excellence Game of 2017.

In Lords, Mobile do campaigns, by exploring the vast maps and defeat a monster and powerful enemies to conquer the land to expand your own kingdom. Recruit new heroes and choose your favorite from them.

Lords Mobile is quite different from other strategy games in the mobile platform as there are lots of things in this game to do as you won’t be tired if the missions are finished or you can play it later as there is always some for do other things in this game. Leveling up your building, training soldiers, campaigning through maps and doing Hero quests and also hunting monsters and if you’re tired of this you can attack other members castle in Lords Mobile.

And best of the Lords Mobile is to conquer your own kingdom to rule over other member’s of your kingdom and you can relocate you castle throughout out the map anytime well it depends on how much of you have relocation tokens on yourselves. Lords Mobile totally has a vast map to conquer in this game which is quite hard to achieve but as you grow you will know how massive of this game. So enjoy this game and have heart-full of fun conquering empires and magical lands.

So, here is what comes in new updates for the Lords Mobile MMO a real-time strategy mobile game.

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Firstly they have added a new feature of Live-stream function for sharing your game with your fans and friends about your achievement to see it live about Lords Mobile.

New titles have been released: Overlord Regent, Baron-Regent, and Emperor Regent. New voyage quests have also been added (which will be unlocked at Castle Level 4). In Challenge Mode there is new chapter is added now and it is Chapter 7.

Other updates are that now you can view your total resource items in your Castle. And there is also an addition of Allied Troops, Coalition Army, and Wonder Reinforcements. Updates in the equipment icons are Kingslayer, Imperial Bulwark, Noble Helm, Regal Robes and Stately Tassets.

And some minor update is that now you can see Help counter in Speed Up screens and also you can now sort Speed Ups and resource items in Ascending or Descending order.

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