PUBG filing Lawsuit: Which games are in danger?

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PUBG Corporation filed a lawsuit over the copyright infringement. Earlier the rumors were for Fortnite Battle Royale as somebody fake tweeted that the game will is going to be shut down due to the lawsuit. To make the rumor appears true, the tweet coincides with Fortnite emergency maintenance period. And the rumor turns out to be true but not for Fortnite.


In actual news, PUBG Corporation has filed a lawsuit of 155 pages over different copyright infringements on NetEase, the company behind Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

In a complaint filed in a federal court in California, PUBG alleges that the two mobile apps were released before PUBG’s own mobile application to gain market share. In doing so, the company copied several crucial elements without permission, PUBG adds.

The 155-page complaint lists a long summary of elements that PUBG believes are infringing on its copyrighted works. This includes buildings, landscapes, vehicles, weapons, clothing, the pre-play area, and the shrinking gameplay area.

“On information and belief, Defendants copied PUBG’s expressive depictions of the pre-play area where other depictions could have been used for the purpose of evoking the same gameplay experience depicted in BATTLEGROUNDS,” one example reads.

The games also feature PUBG’s iconic “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” salute, which is displayed to the winner of the game. In addition, both games use references to this phrase in their advertising efforts.

Some of the elements stated in the complaint lists are:

  1. Chicken Dinner: According to PUBG Corporation, earlier the Knives Out Facebook page advertised and marketed the game KO with an image having a chicken plate and written “My Chicken Dinner done Right. How about yours”.
  2. Youtube videos with titles: Many youtube publishers are marketing their KO and Rules of Survival videos having PUBG Mobile in the Title. This has created confusion among the players that Rules Of Survival is the actual PUBG for mobile.


Though there is no news if Rules Of Survival or Knives Out will shut down or not. There are no words from the company yet. The full copy of 155 pages of the lawsuit can be downloaded from here.


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