Things to consider before buying Gaming PC in 2018

Computer gaming technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. As a result, there’re machines that can expsoe you to that intense virtual gaming experience, which you’ve missed in the past. Yet, the question pops up from the nook and the corner pretty frequently. Can the dedicated gaming laptops really replace their desktop predecessors? The answer to this can be only be given based on hardcore facts. Let’s explore the possibilities in the following paragraphs.

Technology, in its latest version, makes it possible to design ultra sleek laptops for gaming. It can easily fuse together a lot of impressive components in crunched space. But does this really ensure justice to the aspect of performance?

As a dedicated gamer, (otherwise, you wouldn’t be spending time on this particular blog) you must already be aware about the top gaming motherboards with incredible features that are in the market. But a motherboard isn’t everything to tilt the balance. Let’s explore some other crucial aspects as well.

First of all – there are essentially two types of motherboards are available according to CPU manufacturers. One is Intel based motherboards which are just compatible with Intel core CPUs, and then comes the 2nd option which is AMD motherboards which is compatible for AMD CPUs. Before picking any motherboard you have to check the socket type fist coz it depends on the processor design. If the socket type doesn’t matches then you have chosen the wrong board, so be careful before buying, else you have to change the whole configuration. There are so many motherboards available that is compatible with both the Intel and AMD processors.

  • GPU: It can’t be denied that however powerful gaming laptops becomes, yet they’ll never be able to surpass their desktop counterparts. Here’s a hands-on experience. Nvidia acknowledges that its Fermi-based 480M GPU performs only 40% of its 480 desktop alternative, which was launched in 2010. There’s more to it. The manufacturer claims with its Kepler-based 680M, the gap has been brought down by 60%. Recently, the flagship brand was quoted to have said that its 980M series is almost 70-80% fast in comparison to its newly launched GTX 980. Experts have yet a different story to spill. They say, though the gap is fast coming down but still it’s not as narrow as Nvidia claisa.

  • CPU: The Quad-core i7 processors are doing the rounds in the market. It is said to be the cutting-edge technology in the world of computers. Do you know, i7 processors are just no comparison to their desktop counterparts? Yes, there’re products like Clevo 570WM from AVADirect, which is a star performer but the truth is such products are very rare. Moreover, you can never unleash it to its maximum potential and enjoy gaming. Desktop products can, in addition to the factors mentioned above, have the advantage of modularity with the unbeatable feature of swappable CPUs to ensure enhanced performance.

  • Sound: Hardly a few years ago, laptop speakers were no better than craps. In contrast to that, now the portable gaming machines have incredible sound firepower. You neither need to spend a fortune to enjoy the high-quality sound. For example, Lenovo offers its Y500 gaming series just for US$1,000 with impressive speakers powered by JBL.

  • RAM: Now these days there are two types of RAM you can get, one is DDR3 and another is DDR4. Some motherboards are compatible with the both of these and some are specially built for a specific type. So if you have DDR4 RAM then it would be better to buy DDR4 RAM compatible motherboard.

    Most laptops now allow users to swap out the RAM. Some laptops even support 32GB RAM, which is more than enough for both high-level gaming and the other daily chores. As far as the price is concerned, both desktop and laptop RAMs are competitively priced without any substantial margin.

  • SLI and CrossFire Support: If you are going to configure a CPU with dual graphics card with either Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire technology then your motherboard should be compatible with these variants.

    What you have to do is simply check the specifications to confirm that which of these two variants is required. In case you’re doing more than 2 ways SLI or CrossFire, then you have to investigate properly because there are only few high-end motherboards available which are compatible with both the technologies.

Considering all these facts, you shouldn’t choose a gaming beast only based a good motherboard for gaming. Rather, take all these facts into consideration, before making the final call.

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