Pokemon Go Getting New Research Quests Involving Gen 1 Pokemon

Another month is rapidly drawing closer, which implies more research undertakings will before long be accessible in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic affirmed on Twitter that the following arrangement of Field Research quests will take off for the diversion in July, and they’ll rotate basically around Pokemon initially found in the Kanto region.

Niantic didn’t share any further insights about what the Field Research errands will involve, yet it accompanied its tweet with another special picture including the adored Gen 1 Pokemon Snorlax. Pokemon fan site Serebii.net reports that Ditto, Pikachu, and Eevee will be accessible as a feature of the quests also.

Likewise, Niantic hasn’t uncovered what compensate players will get for accomplishing a Research Breakthrough when they finish enough of the new Field Research assignments. Past Breakthroughs, be that as it may, brought about an experience with a Legendary Pokemon; the most recent clump of quests, for example, allowed players to catch the Legendary feathered creature Articuno.

Over having the capacity to get some uncommon Gen 1 creatures, the new Field Research quests will give a decent chance to develop your Pokemon gathering, especially in case you’re occupied with getting Nintendo Switch’s up and coming Pokemon RPGs: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee. Players can exchange any Gen 1 creatures they’ve caught in Pokemon Go- – including their Alolan shapes – to the Let’s Go titles, where they can be caught in another office called the Go Park.

Alongside the hotly anticipated exchanging and companions list highlights, Pokemon Go as of late presented a bunch of new Alolan frames. The amusement’s next Community Day occasion will likewise include a prominent Gen 1 Pokemon: the Water-type starter Squirtle.

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