Best Android games launched in 2018

Hello mobile gamers. Every day, many Android games appear in the Play Store, which makes finding your ideal game quite complicated. In this article you can discover our selection of the best releases of each month to save you from that search.

Android games are now so much famous that on an average a simple mobile game app developer is earning a handsome amount every day. And due to this fact every day thousands of games are getting uploaded on playstore every single day.

So, without taking much of your time, here is the list of our favourite mobile games of 2018. Have fun playing.

Best Android Games of 2018

April 2018

Wormster DashThis game is a “runner game”, that is, you have to run and solve all the problems you will encounter along the way. The game is fun and exciting, embodying as a kind of Indiana Jones and living the adventure of your life: escape a disgusting monster. The great feature of this game is that it has been designed entirely by hand and that’s why we can only congratulate its developer.PUBG MobilePlayer Unknown’s Battlegrounds has come true for the satisfaction of all fans of the franchise. Until recently, the game was only officially available in Canada and some Asian countries but Blue Hole has finally decided to officially launch its real battle on mobile. PUBG Mobile is a free game in which 100 desperate players are thrown into an island full of equipment and weapons to kill each other until only one is left. To exert more pressure, the playing area is periodically reduced, automatically eliminating the players that are outside the playing area. Yes, as in the movie.2 KnightsAs its name suggests, this game consists of controlling 2 knights. Each one is located in the middle of the screen, and if at first things seem simple enough, I can assure you that it gets complicated. I invite you to try this game and then communicate your comments to the developer in our forum where he presented his application.

May 2018

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is Jam City Inc’s new mobile game for Harry Potter that is causing a sensation. This RPG allows each player to put himself in the place of a new student in the world of magicians, several years before Harry Potter receives his letter from Hogwarts. For this, you will have to face your rivals and forge alliances with new friends to help you in your adventures. Like many games available on the mobile platform, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is completely free, but is backed by in-app purchases.DiotosDiotos is a kind of modern tamagotchi with a mystical touch. Curious, right? You must take care of your Dioto (a very cute deity) and worship him to grow and become a really powerful deity. The concept of tamagotchi seems to have been more than used, but the idea is fun, and the good thing is that your Dioto will not disappoint you.Pako 2This game may not be a moral reference, since you will put yourself in the shoes of a criminal who, after having recovered his friends, is harassed by the police in a wild chase. Contrary to what one might think, this is not a simple pilot game, with an aerial view angle that reminds a bit of GTA 2

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June 2018

I’m Ping Pong KingHave you always dreamed of being a professional ping pong? This application allows you to live this dream. Your goal is to defeat 10 opponents (especially grandma). The gameplay is very simple: you have to press left or right. In practice, it is a bit more complicated, but the mobile game app developers are having fun and you will entertain in public transport or waiting rooms.Dungeon X DungeonIn the midst of so many modern games developed with stunning 3D graphics, it’s good to occasionally return to a 2D style in the spirit of Risky Woods or other games of the genre. In Dungeon X Dungeon you play a young fighter whose goal is to defeat evil, a classic that always works. In short, a game that will not disappoint.An Ostrich Among UsAn Ostrich among Us is a fun game where you are an ostrich in a dance group. Yes, you read it right! You will need to develop your artistic skills to follow your small group. To do this, just look and learn what other ostriches are doing, and then repeat the same. The more you attract the audience, the more money you will earn to customize the style of your ostrich.

July 2018

Pokémon QuestPokemon Quest is a new title for smartphones launched by The Pokemon Company, which has been available for Nintendo Switch for some time now. Pokémon Quest is different from the others of the famous saga. Now the game is developed on a cubic island (Minecraft style) in which all the Pokémon have also been transformed into cubes.
The goal is to capture them all. Armed only with a team of three monsters, you must take all the wild Pokémon you can find and complete the adventure. At the moment, only the first generation Pokémon are available, but surely more characters will arrive in the future.
Dragon Ball LegendsThe 90/2000 generations will be delighted to discover Dragon Ball Legends, a game with characters from one of the biggest franchises of their childhood or adolescence. The main character was designed by Akira Toriyama (father of Dragon Ball, for those who do not know him), and allows us to accompany the heroes of our childhood through many fights, an interesting scenario and obviously a PVP mode.Silly WalksThe philosopher Feuerbach said “We are what we eat”, and the game Silly Walks transforms you into precisely that, into food. You can walk around the kitchen or any other part of the house feel a donut, a hot dog or any other food but be careful, you must avoid your enemies, especially the fearsome knives. Crazy walks, as it would translate into Spanish, ensures fun.Royal BloodNotice to MMORPG fans: Royal Blood is now available internationally. On the menu, you will find an open world, kingdom battles and PvP battles. You can play with your friends or against them and measure yourself on the spot. The fans of the genre will be delighted, others will probably be seduced.

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