PS4 Pro In 2018: Still Worth To Buy?

PS4 Pro, the upgraded model of PS4 is one of the best selling console ever. A supercharged high-performance variant comes with 4K support, prettier visual effects, HDR & better frame rates. Although Nintendo introduced its newest console Nintendo Switch but it couldn’t even live then race.

No doubt it is better than the PS4 Slim or PS4, of course, But… Is It Worth To Buy?

There are many similarities between the base console & the Pro model. What is the major difference which attracts people to buy PS4 Pro?

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This console is best for those people who have a 4K Television with them. But what about those people who don’t have? It comes with an amazing library of games. But the bad point is that it doesn’t come with a native HD. PS4 Pro gives you a gaming experience with a screen resolution which closely resembles 4K, but it’s not the true 4K. Still, you can’t figure out the differences easily.

You can’t enjoy all the games in 4K, but only those who are upgraded or made to work well with PS4 Pro. You can also turn off the 4K option if you want to play games in an HD resolution.

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PS4 Pro is not the most powerful console available; it isn’t capable of upgrading the PS VR’s hardware display or physical abilities. But still, the company has made some necessary improvements according to the user point of view.

What’s New?

It has some similarities with PS4 base model & the slim version, and Sony has added a chrome “PS” logo using the same design of PS4 Slim but PS4’s light strip. This time, you don’t need to unplug the cables as Pro version comes with an extra USB 3.0 port. The storage capacity is 1 Terabyte with an addition in external storage coming in 10GB a game with pro gaming patches. A major plus point is that now you will be able to experience wired USB play with the Dual Shock 4 with extra battery life, more rugged thumbsticks.

PS4 Pro: Design & Features

PS4 Pro comes with a hefty matte black colored slab of the console. It’s wider, taller & deeper than the original PS4 console & the Slim model. It has a three level design with rounded corners & same plastic matte finish. The company has ejected buttons & replaced the touch-sensitive power with many mechanical efforts.

The dimensions of PS4 base model & PS4 Slim are 27.5 x 30.5 x 5.3cm & 26.5 x 28.8 x 3.9cm respectively, whereas that of PS4 Pro are 29.5 x 32.7 x 5.5cm. PS4 Slim is 20% larger than the base model whereas the Pro version is 78% larger than the Slim version. PS4 Pro is heavy than the Slim & the original PS4, and its weight is 7.2 pounds, that of Slim & base model is 6.2 pounds & 4.6 pounds respectively. There is no 4K support in PS4 & PS4 Slim, unlike PS4 Pro. It’s expensive too than the other two models.

PS4 Pro: Conclusion

If you want High Definition gaming experience, then you can go with PS4 Pro. But remember, you will need a 4K Television for that. If you have, then awesome, you can go with it. One more thing can resist you to buy the PS4 Pro model which is its price. It costs you around 349$; still, you can get discounts on it on online purchase.

If you can invest this much amount, then PS4 Pro console is best for you. If not then there are many options available for you, like PS4 or the lighter & smaller, PS4 Slim. There are many deals available, like a game or two free with it or an additional dual shock controller at a discounted price. You can go with any of the deals if your pocket allows.

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