gta v knight rider mod



Hello gamers, if you are playing GTA V, you would be exciting to explore more places and cars. Here is one new update of GTA V and it’s something really exciting. Rockstar Studio has recently added a car called GTA KNIGHT RIDER MOD. So the first thing that comes in mind what is KNIGHT RIDER MODE? This update is inspired from the knight rider TV series that ran from 1982 to 1986. In the TV series, the Car is used is Pontiac Trans Am. The car is full of features same as James bond’s car like it is enabled with …

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Grand theft Auto 5

GTA V DLC update July


Great news folks!!! GTA 5 DLC UPDATE 2015 is here. The GTA officially released update yesterday for PS3 and PS4 users only. Some of you do not understand what is DLC? Do not panic, I’m here to discuss about DLC and help you to download the dlc update of GTA 5. What is GTA V DLC UPDATE: So now the next thing comes in mind that What is GTA V DLC UPDATE? We all know that the DLC comes with something new all the time. Now GTA also comes with something new, something fresh so that player remains interested in …

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Need for speed to be internet only


Are you a Need for Speed fan and waiting for this year installment of the series? We have a bad news for almost all of you. As we all know that need for speed 2015 is releasing soon because we all are waiting for it, but you will need an internet connection to enjoy this game. Why?because this is confirmed by twitter account of Need for Speed. @aurel92110 We can confirm that, yes, a connection will be needed to play the game. We will be elaborating on this in the coming weeks. — Need for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) May 28, 2015 This …

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