Lords Mobile: New Updates and added Features


  Lords Mobile is one of the top charting real-time strategy mobile MMO game. Lords Mobile was chosen as one of the competitive game and Android Excellence Game of 2017. In Lords, Mobile do campaigns, by exploring the vast maps and defeat a monster and powerful enemies to conquer the land to expand your own kingdom. Recruit new heroes and choose your favorite from them. Lords Mobile is quite different from other strategy games in the mobile platform as there are lots of things in this game to do as you won’t be tired if the missions are finished or …

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PUBG filing Lawsuit: Which games are in danger?


PUBG Corporation filed a lawsuit over the copyright infringement. Earlier the rumors were for Fortnite Battle Royale as somebody fake tweeted that the game will is going to be shut down due to the lawsuit. To make the rumor appears true, the tweet coincides with Fortnite emergency maintenance period. And the rumor turns out to be true but not for Fortnite. In actual news, PUBG Corporation has filed a lawsuit of 155 pages over different copyright infringements on NetEase, the company behind Rules of Survival and Knives Out. In a complaint filed in a federal court in California, PUBG alleges that the two …

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Mobile Legends update: 10th April


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang one of the leading MOBA for mobile users here comes with their new updates. They release updates on a regular basis and adds new features, heroes, and skins. Players can either purchase these heroes, skin and other features by using real money or by using in-game money which you earn in the form of battle points and second is diamonds which can be bought through real money. If you are a crazy fan of this game, you can use your hard earned cash, but you won’t be disappointed as it surely gives you some benefits as …

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xiaomi gaming laptop pic

Xiaomi announces its first Gaming Laptop: MI Gaming Laptop


Thinking to buy a gaming laptop that too in the budget? We will ask to wait for Mi Gaming laptop. Xiaomi, a renowned company known for manufacturing best budget segments mobile for the masses has now entered into the field of Gaming PC manufacturing. Yesterday it shook everyone by announcing the launch of its first ever gaming laptop series with a powerful GPU and processor. And it’s available in 2 variants of the same laptop depending on the specifications of the Graphics card, Ram, and HDD. Though the company is making revenue from their smartphones and made another leap by joining …

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Xbox One: Coming Soon Games



All the gamers are waiting impatiently for the Far cry 5 release but there are some exciting are also coming soon which can be enjoyed as much as Far Cry 5. Well not much talking about Far Cry 5 here as you can already read about in a recent post of Far Cry 5.

One of them is Vampyr a classic story in a new form. Vampyr is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive for release on Xbox One on 5 June 2018.

Vampyr is played through a third-person perspective by controlling the game’s protagonist Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor turned into a vampire who became bloodthirst and compels to kill innocent people to satisfy his thirst for blood.

Another one coming soon is The Crew 2 is an upcoming racing video game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft for Xbox One. It is the sequel to 2014’s The Crew. It features a persistent open world environment for free-roaming across a scaled-down recreation of the United States. The game allows players to control a variety of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes. The game will be released on June 29, 2018.

The last one is one of my favorite cult classic games of all time from the ways 90s till now Crash Bandicoot as its released already on PlayStation 4, it might not be a new title for the gamers but it’s now coming soon to Xbox One. So, Xbox One user can be happy as now you can enjoy this classic game as well Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy your Xbox One consoles.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a platform video game compilation developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activisions. It is a collection of remasters of the first three titles in the Crash Bandicoot series: Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped, which were originally developed by Naughty Dog for PlayStation in the 1990s will be released in July 2018.

For pre-ordering the games links are given as follows:


Far Cry 5 $59.99*

Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition $69.99*

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition $89.99*


Vampyr $59.99


The Crew® 2 Standard Edition $59.99*

The Crew® 2 Deluxe Edition $69.99*

The Crew® 2 Gold Edition $99.99*


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy $39.99

Pubg mobile poster image

Play PUBG : Battle Royale Mania on Mobile Now

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About PUBG Mobile: Developer                    PUBG Corporation Publisher                     PUBG Corporation ( Windows ), Microsoft Studios ( Xbox One ), Tencent Games ( Mobile ) Director                       Brendan Greene Producer                      Chang-han Kim Designer                      Brendan Greene Engine                         Unreal Engine 4 Platform                      Microsoft Window, Xbox One, Android, iOS Genre                          Battle Royale Mode                           Multiplayer Note: Get the download link at the end of the article. PUBG mobile version is published by Tencent Games and it’s a Battle Royale Genre game. The best game for letting someone pass time while he is free during your job or some work. The …

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agony horror game

Horror game Agony release date delayed


A new horror game Agony release date has been delayed by the publishers “Playway”. The publishers have not given any information about the new release date of the game. Publishers announced the news on the Kickstarter Page. The reason for the delay is to let the developers meet the expectation of the fans. The game is releasing for PS4, PC, and Xbox. The initial release date was 30th March 2018. Moreover, developers have added new languages in the game for global release and more languages will be added in future. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Portuguese are the languages added yet. …

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A way out game pic

A Way out Launch Trailer released


A new way of playing a multiplayer game is coming to the surface. A Way Out launch trailer is released and here is what we know about this game.

About the game:

a way out launch trailer imageDeveloper: Hazelight Studios

Publisher: Electronics Art

Director: Josef Fares

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release: March 23rd, 2018

Genre: Action-adventure

Mode: Multiplayer

A Way Out Launch Trailer:

Also read: Far cry 5 to release this year

Are you bored of single player gaming or you want a new thrill? Many players tend to finish their games in one full sweep but the time is advancing and a new gaming is coming to surface for the multiplayer lovers…. This game is going to be hot because without other players you can’t complete it.

Well, your thought will be like, no way I can finish it myself but there is some twist as this upcoming game cannot be played without the second player. Well yeah,’ it’s the game concept it to finish with your partner or friend in this action-adventure game.

“ A WAY OUT ” is upcoming multiplayer split screen game for the pair of gamers to play it together synchronously in the game as to finish the game together successfully. So, wait for the fun to begin soon this March end.

Trailer Source: Youtube EA

devil may cry hd collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection


For the fanatics of the DMC series here is their latest presentation from the Capcom in the form of Devil May Cry HD collection of the first three titles of the series. You will get the download link at the end of the article.   About the game: Series: Devil May Cry Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Publisher: Hideki Kamiya Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2 Genre: Hack & Slash Release: 13th March 20184 Also see: Far Cry 5 release date confirmed You can add these to your collection if you are a really enthusiastic fan of this series. Well, I will suggest …

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far cry 5 image

Far Cry 5 is set to release in March End


The new title from the Far Cry Series is set to Release at the end of March 2018. As many of enthusiastic gamers might already be impatient for the release of Far Cry 5, they also will notice the plot change and graphics. This can be a good start and best game to be played by the new gamers. You can watch the trailer at the end of the article. About The Game: Series: Far Cry Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Director: Dan Hay Producer: Darry Long Release: 27th March 2018 Genre: Action-Adventure FPS Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox …

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