Things to consider before buying Gaming PC in 2018


Computer gaming technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. As a result, there’re machines that can expsoe you to that intense virtual gaming experience, which you’ve missed in the past. Yet, the question pops up from the nook and the corner pretty frequently. Can the dedicated gaming laptops really replace their desktop predecessors? The answer to this can be only be given based on hardcore facts. Let’s explore the possibilities in the following paragraphs. Technology, in its latest version, makes it possible to design ultra sleek laptops for gaming. It can easily fuse together a …

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A way out game pic

A Way Out Game


A Way out is a multiplayer co-op game that is released 23rd March 2018. It is a prison escape game where you must need a partner to play the game. But your partner doesn’t need to buy a copy of the game. Your partner can play either sitting beside you on the same system or can be online if he has a copy of the game. So buying a game is not necessary for both players.  A detailed review will be posted shortly. In this article, you will get information about the system requirements, specifications, price, and trailers of the …

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Best gaming montiors

Best Gaming Monitors under $150


A good gaming monitor is as important an asset for a gamer as a gamepad or processor. If you have the best gamepad for pc or a super fast running processor with the best graphics card but not a good monitor, your game experience will not be good enough. But monitors are either very costly or you will waste enough time in selecting the best among them. Which is why we made this list of the finest gaming computer screens under $150 which you should consider getting. If you’re playing a Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMO), Real Time Strategy (RTS), …

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7 best video games for kids to gift on this Christmas


Looking for gifts to gift on this Christmas? The idea of partying with friends and drinking can go wrong. But video games with family can make this festival memorable for everyone. So we are listing best Christmas video games you can gift to your kids and enjoy with them whole night long. “Jingle Bell Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way; where are my video games to play all the day.” Christmas is around the corner, and everybody is crazy for the gifts. We know that you are busy decorating Christmas tree and dressing up as Santa, and your soul partner is …

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Starwars Dlc: Play as Greedo and Nien Nunb with new weapons at new locations


Starwars Battlefront new DLC is expected to arrive in March. This DLC update is mostly about Outer Rim. In Outer Rim, players can play in new locations and with new characters. Starwars Battlefront last new maps and multiplayer mission update arrived in the last week of February. To new characters, Greedo and Nien Nunb, are introduced in this new DLC along with new locations, mode, and weapons. Note: This is a paid DLC and not the free one. Players will get these add-ons in Battlefront Season Pass 2 new Iconic Heroes: 2 new iconic heroes are added to the game. The players who …

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XCOM 2 (2016)

2K Games released XCOM 2 update to fix bugs in PC


Followed by the past two weeks release of XCOM 2 game, the publisher 2K Games came up with new XCOM 2 PC update as a patch to fix bugs and error for the fans. XCOM 2 received immense appreciation and applauses for its impressive tactical gameplay, dynamic and unpredictable missions with enhanced graphics and presentation. In addition to positive reviews it got, the game made to the top of 2016 games. You can read the full review of XCOM 2 here.     Moreover, players who have been kept from proceeding with their save games in light of bugs might …

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Firewatch Review: Lits up an adventurous spark not flame


Expected to be a hit in adventure games and best games of 2016, Firewatch managed to stay up to the hype; Campo Santo, the developer created before the Firewatch release. Though the game got mixed reviews due to short gameplay, few persistent technical issues and low agency and interaction, the game somehow, though not flame, lit up a spark among the players to play it for its beautiful visual graphics of wilderness and forest, fascinating story, and appealing characters. The game launched on February 9, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Firewatch Review Read out the review …

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Unravel Wallpaper

Unravel Review; first ever emotionally adorable game from EA


Audience witnesses “Unravel” as the first ever emotional drama video game, Electronic Arts has produced this year. The eight-inch, red “Yarny” doll unravels all its secrets through an unexplained, warm-hearted journey to the wonders of nature usually left unacknowledged. Since EA has made an effort to come out of its usual genre action-adventure games like Plants vs Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront, this out of the style entry developed by ColdWood Interactive is surely a good start. This physics-based puzzle platformer released on February 9, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC makes the players nostalgic about their childhood innocence. …

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Upcoming PC games 2016 image

Upcoming PC games 2016


This is expected to be a good year for our video game fans with a bevy of upcoming PC games 2016 excruciating the awaited, addicted players to play these games. Besides the current gen consoles, PC has proved to give their players some unparalleled experiences and best platform to roll around their fingers for best video games. If you have missed any bit in your gaming zone, here we have the whole lot collection of upcoming games for PC. [supsystic-tables id=’15’] The above games in the list are reckoned to be the top PC games 2016 hoping to live up to the expectations of their …

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Upcoming games of 2016

Here comes the awaited 2016 and comes the showcase of upcoming games 2016 to be released soon. Some of the top upcoming games ready to hit the new gen consoles are lined up for early or later releases in 2016. To hear about some epics like “Uncharted”, “Mirror’s Edge”, and “Dishonored” bringing you their new sequels in contrast to the awaited release of new video games like “Horizon Zero Dawn”, “For Honor”, the excitement spills out. And so we bring you the top list of 25 most anticipated games of 2016. Take a quick sneak-peek on their essence. 25 Most …

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