20 Best Horror Games [List]


Do you love Horror? Of course you love it, that’s why you are here finding best horror games. The creeps and excitement it gives while playing can only be described by a true horror game lovers. The quality of horror games is improving as the technology is advancing. Now games have more dark spaces, more screams to make your gaming more enjoy full, unlike the old days. 20 Best Horror Games list:- The quality and impact of horror is increasing day by day in video games. Now horror games are gaining very much popularity among video gamers. Here we have collected some of …

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A graphical representation of Video Game Consoles history and timeline

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Video game console have gone very far in terms of configuration, looks and handiness since its evolution. From Pre consoles development era when first computer game was introduced in 1952; we have now reached to XBOX, PS4 etc. Ever wondered when it all began? What was the first video game ever and how gaming consoles have evolved in these years. In the present day, we have a Play Station 4, the latest of all the gaming consoles. PS4 was introduced on Nov. 15, 2014. It’s almost 61 years and we are going to have more innovative consoles in near future. Before I …

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vehicle cheats gta 5

GTA 5 Vehicle Cheats for PC, XBOX and Playstation

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The one thing that I always look for in the grand theft auto 5 game is GTA V cars and vehicles. But for that, I need to look for different GTA 5 vehicle cheats. And I believe that there are many fans of the game who love to roam around the city trying new vehicles and killing anonymous citizens in the game. Vehicles and weapons are the best part of GTA 5. New vehicles and heavy weapons are surely the main ingredients to enjoy GTA V. But not all vehicles are given and shown in the game. To get these …

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