Best strategic games of 2017 for every platform


Games are everyone passion irrespective of age. Strategic games are for those who like a constant pull to the grey cells. The ones who want to think what they are playing, develop a strategy, a counter strategy. The gaming world is swarming with strategic games on iOS, Android, PC or a gaming console. The games range from a Battle Arena to war fields, Building up civilizations to a Kung Fu Master. Here are some list of the strategy games you should play in 2017. Best strategic games 2017: Civilization VI: As the name suggests the players represent the leader of …

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nintendo switch vs ps4 pro image

Nintendo switch vs PS4 Pro: Specifications comparison

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Nintendo Switch is yet to enter the marketplace, but our PS4 Pro is already made an entry in the market. There are huge fans of both the games so; there is a clear battle between them. So we are giving a detailed comparison between Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Pro. Nintendo focuses on creating fun video games and provide the gamers with the best gaming experience. The makers have revealed about Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2016, and the release date is March 3, 2017. It’s not just a simple HD game there’s a lot of treasure hidden in it. Sony’s …

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nintendo switch image

Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know


Nintendo switch is a forthcoming entry in the video game console market and the seventh of its category from the company Nintendo. With the quoted price, it will have a tough fight with arch rivals Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But is it only an addition to the video game console timeline or it is really awesome to try out?   About Nintendo Switch A Nintendo Switch is a self-contained unit, which can be charged with a USB-C cable – a universally acceptable charger. It runs on the same processing technology like a tablet computer, too, making it more geared …

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4 best budget game controllers for PC you should buy

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Everyone who plays video games wants to have the best Game Controller depending upon their gaming needs, and most of us regret after buying a gamepad just to know that they are just a crap and you just kill all your gaming skills. Why? Just because of a crappy Gaming Controller? So, today, I am writing about the top 4 Game controllers for PC that I feel are excellent in my opinion. The Gamepads featured here are superb, and I have had a good experience with them playing Far Cry and some other games last year. So, without any further …

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7 best video games for kids to gift on this Christmas


Looking for gifts to gift on this Christmas? The idea of partying with friends and drinking can go wrong. But video games with family can make this festival memorable for everyone. So we are listing best Christmas video games you can gift to your kids and enjoy with them whole night long. “Jingle Bell Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way; where are my video games to play all the day.” Christmas is around the corner, and everybody is crazy for the gifts. We know that you are busy decorating Christmas tree and dressing up as Santa, and your soul partner is …

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virtual reality headset comparision

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive- Full Comparision guide


It’s just 4 years ago when we heard a new thing “virtual reality”. back then, the founder of Oculus, Plamer Luckey, announced the concept of virtual reality and to implement it soon. Now, the year 2016, is going to be a year of Dawn of Virtual Reality Games. It’s going to be Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive. And we are really excited to experience the upcoming virtual reality games on these headsets. Oculus Rift has been on hype much more than any other headset due to its very unique concept and design. Though HTC Vive is also a good option but …

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7 Virtual Reality Games to look for in 2016

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Virtual Reality games are getting popular with time. Including games that can be played on Playstation and PC, over 200, VR games are going to be release in 2016. Till now Oculus Rift is a major source for the development of virtual reality games. Lucky’s Tale, Edge of Nowhere, Job Simulator are some of the good games we are looking forward to playing this year. If you are also a fan of Virtual reality games, we have combined a list of 7 games that you must try. Not only these games are designed to take you near nature but also, …

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Firewatch Review: Lits up an adventurous spark not flame


Expected to be a hit in adventure games and best games of 2016, Firewatch managed to stay up to the hype; Campo Santo, the developer created before the Firewatch release. Though the game got mixed reviews due to short gameplay, few persistent technical issues and low agency and interaction, the game somehow, though not flame, lit up a spark among the players to play it for its beautiful visual graphics of wilderness and forest, fascinating story, and appealing characters. The game launched on February 9, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Firewatch Review Read out the review …

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Unravel Wallpaper

Unravel Review; first ever emotionally adorable game from EA


Audience witnesses “Unravel” as the first ever emotional drama video game, Electronic Arts has produced this year. The eight-inch, red “Yarny” doll unravels all its secrets through an unexplained, warm-hearted journey to the wonders of nature usually left unacknowledged. Since EA has made an effort to come out of its usual genre action-adventure games like Plants vs Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront, this out of the style entry developed by ColdWood Interactive is surely a good start. This physics-based puzzle platformer released on February 9, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC makes the players nostalgic about their childhood innocence. …

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XCOM 2 image

XCOM 2 Review; an ultimate come-back


This is what Firaxis and 2K Games brings you to leisure with; an absolute, eccentric reboot to XCOM series this month. Yes, you heard it right! XCOM 2, released on February 5, 2016, for PC and MAC prove to be an impeccable venture in the virtual world where your survival depends on the extinction of ominous aliens. Following the finish line of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the turn-based tactical sequel brings you all that stuff you might expect for a comeback; new unit types, new enemies, new weapons and new features, some impressive visual upgrades and a meaty new campaign and …

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