Need For Speed 2015 (NFS 2015)

Need for Speed 2015 or NFS 2015 is an online racing video game available for Playstation, Xbox and PC players. The game was firstly confirmed at EA’s press conference at E3 on June 15, 2015. Then Playstation and XBOX version were released in Nov 2015. The game was a hit right the moment of its release among the players for its cool cars and different mods. Then later on, in March 2015 the PC (Microsoft Windows) version was released.

need for speed 2015 (nfs 2015)Need for speed 2015 Game Details:

Game: Need for Speed

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Ghost Games

Genre: Racing

Mode(s): Single-Player, Multi-Player

Engine: Frostbite

The game is 2nd game of Need for Speed Franchisee to be released on Eight generation video game console. It is a 22nd instalment of the NFS series. Though hugely popular among the racing games fans, company decided to keep it Online-only NFS game. The game is built on Frostbite Engine.

NFS 2015 Trailers:

Need for speed 2015 first trailer was out on May 21, 2015. It was a teaser trailer and has almost left every NFS fan excited as well as waiting for the first full trailer. The full trailer was later shown at the E3 conclave on Jun 15, 2015. This trailer was the first official trailer of the game for PS4, Oc and XBOX One.

Later many trailers were revealed for iconsGamescom trailer, drift gameplay and more.

NFS 2015 Teaser Trailer

Need for Speed Car List:

In this reboot of NFS franchise game, the total of 51 cars has been included. These cars can be unlocked by defeating the boss in different levels. As you levelled up in the game, you will get a car as a prize just like the old game of need for speed franchise.

All the cars are customizable to the great extent. Game company also revealed a trailer and method showing cars customisation in the game. Moreover, you can upgrade the performance of your cars via various performance upgrades available in the game.

View the full list of nfs 2015 cars.