Need For Speed Payback

Need for speed Payback is an upcoming game of the most famous racing game franchise Need for Speed. The game is under development at this time at Ghost Games. The first Need for Speed 2017 trailer was revealed by EA on 2nd June 2017. However, the announcement of the development of the game was made on May 10, 2016, at the official website of EA.

The game is set for worldwide release on November 10, 2017, though an in-depth look is planned at the EA play event from June 10th to June 12th.

need for speed 2017About Need for Speed Payback:

Developer: Ghost Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: Racing, Action

Platforms: PC, PS4/PS3, XBox One

Rating: PEGI 12, ESRB T

Release Date: 10th Nov 2017

NFS 2017 Plot:

need for speed payback imageThe game plot of Need for Speed payback revolves around the single character, Tyler Morgan, a former street player and facing exile. After being double-crossed, he must reunite with his crew and build it up to take revenge winning an impossible race. In order to take revenge, he must bring down The House, the cartel that has a grip over the city’s casinos, criminals and cops.

In NFS 2017, A player will play as 3 characters to bring down the house. Each character has his own unique role in the game:

  1. Tyler Morgan – A street racer
  2. Mac – A showman
  3. Jess – The wheelman for hire

Need for Speed 2017 Cars:

There are many new cars in Need for Speed payback along with the old ones. You can access the NFS 2017 cars list to know more about the car. But according to game company,

Keep your eyes peeled while exploring Fortune Valley, and you may just find an abandoned car that becomes your new project. Breathe life into it and raise it from scrap into your one-of-a-kind supercar.

Fortune Valley is your action-packed playground. Race through the glamourous and gritty districts of Silver Rock City, tear up the arid Liberty Desert, drift your way up Mount Providence and defy deadly drops all over Silver Canyon. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Fortune Valley has it all.- EA

NFS Payback has 5 different car classes. The player will customise each of his cars according to the mission. These five car classes are Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag and Runner.

Need for speed Payback Customisation:

The following customizations are available in the game. A player can upgrade any owned car to new look and performance with these customizations.

  1. Blower
  2. Bodykit
  3. Bumpers
  4. Canards
  5. Diffuser
  6. Exhaust
  7. Fenders
  8. Hood
  9. Licence Plate Background
  10. Licence Plate Frame
  11. Nitrous Colour
  12. Rims
  13. Side Skirts
  14. Splitter
  15. Spoiler
  16. Tyre Smoke Colour
  17. Wheelie Bar
  18. Wing Mirrors

We will add more details about the Need For Speed 2017 game once confirmed by the officials.