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Missed Marcus Fenix from your¬†favorite game series Gears of War? Now he is here again. Yesterday in a premier of Walking dead Season 2, the first trailer for Gears of War 4 was premiered. The theme of the upcoming game of the famous game franchise, GOW was dark and somewhat disturbing. But for the fans, it has many surprises in the bucket. The game is set 25 years after Gears of War 3. While 1 month ago, the trailer showing 3 new characters to be included in the game was aired. And this first trailer shows J.D. Fenix, son of …

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GOW 4 characters

Meet “Gears of War 4” new characters

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A new edition “Gears of War 4” from the popular video game franchise “Gears of War” is going to release this year. The release date is however not confirmed till now but we have a new trailer showing 3 new characters. Recently in an interview with gameinformer, The Coalition has revealed some initial information about the vocal leads for the new game. Set up in the period after 25 years from Gears of War 3, Gears of War 4 will have more characters in the upcoming time. The new characters added recently are JD Fenix, Kait Diaz, and Delmont “Del” …

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