A way out game pic

A Way out Launch Trailer released


A new way of playing a multiplayer game is coming to the surface. A Way Out launch trailer is released and here is what we know about this game.

About the game:

a way out launch trailer imageDeveloper: Hazelight Studios

Publisher: Electronics Art

Director: Josef Fares

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release: March 23rd, 2018

Genre: Action-adventure

Mode: Multiplayer

A Way Out Launch Trailer:

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Are you bored of single player gaming or you want a new thrill? Many players tend to finish their games in one full sweep but the time is advancing and a new gaming is coming to surface for the multiplayer lovers…. This game is going to be hot because without other players you can’t complete it.

Well, your thought will be like, no way I can finish it myself but there is some twist as this upcoming game cannot be played without the second player. Well yeah,’ it’s the game concept it to finish with your partner or friend in this action-adventure game.

“ A WAY OUT ” is upcoming multiplayer split screen game for the pair of gamers to play it together synchronously in the game as to finish the game together successfully. So, wait for the fun to begin soon this March end.

Trailer Source: Youtube EA