Starwars Dlc: Play as Greedo and Nien Nunb with new weapons at new locations


Starwars Battlefront new DLC is expected to arrive in March. This DLC update is mostly about Outer Rim. In Outer Rim, players can play in new locations and with new characters. Starwars Battlefront last new maps and multiplayer mission update arrived in the last week of February. To new characters, Greedo and Nien Nunb, are introduced in this new DLC along with new locations, mode, and weapons. Note: This is a paid DLC and not the free one. Players will get these add-ons in Battlefront Season Pass 2 new Iconic Heroes: 2 new iconic heroes are added to the game. The players who …

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Starwars Battlefront february update: New Multiplayer and Mission maps


Starwars Battlefront February update is out today. The developers are trying hard and providing regular updates of the game. The February update is about Turning Point, new multiplayer map and a new survival mission. Here we are giving full information about these updates. Starwars Battlefront: February Updates: Turning point This is a monthly update of the game. As we have mentioned above, this update includes expansion of Turning point. Turning point mode: Turning point mode update was introduced with the introduction of Battle of Jakku. After receiving the heavy positive response from the fans community, developers have decided to expand it to …

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Starwar Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront free DLCs for PS4, Xbox One and PC players


EA Dice has introduced Starwars Battlefront DLC . These DLC are free and is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. While EA DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront has nabbed the spotlight of the fame book, publisher Electronic Arts made its confirmation today, announcing that the sci-fi shooter has become the “largest digital launch” in the company’s history. The company also claimed that the Star Wars’ latest entry has been the “biggest launch” of all Star Wars series ever released though they haven’t shared any stats about the game’s success story. In addition, the company detailed about the upcoming DLC packs and season pass …

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Starwars Battlefront gameplay trailer: Han against Darth Vader


With the time of release coming near, we have new Starwars Battlefront gameplay trailer yesterday. The new gameplay trailer shows us the main lead iconic players of the game, as was announced by the game company. Recently, Dice announced that we can play with our favorite player in the upcoming game. And in this gameplay trailer of the game, we have shown four main characters Han Solo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Palpatine.   Starwars Battlefront gameplay trailer video: Below is the official gameplay trailer video of the game. The trailer shows us, Han Solo fighting with Darth Vader while Sky …

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Han Solo

Iconic Characters of starwars battlefront


At last, after so many updates, we have characters name of the Starwars Battlefront game. Yesterday only, DICE revealed the name of Starwars Battlefront characters. This time, not only heroes but they revealed name of villains also. DICE and EA are revealing more updates frequently. In other news, they have revealed the battle modes of Starwars Battlefront. Now you can play with your favorite characters against your enemy in 3 modes. Starwars Battlefront Characters: (i) Luke Skywalker: Luke Skywalker, as we know from the movie, was a confused and lost young man, who turned into the Jedi as the movie …

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Download Starwars Battlefront beta version


The star wars forums are live swaying it all to announce the release date of upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Beta Version. Their “Battlefront” forum section will become active for beta participants as it goes live on October 8th. They will leave these forums active through beta release to collect your feedback, report potential issues, and get your questions answered. According to the forums and news “Mathew Everett” Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager said “I have been working hard with our teams to make sure the community, regardless of platform, has a place to chat and meet up with like-minded members. …

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Starwars battlefront beta mode confirms missions


We know that you are very much excited for the new Starwars battlefront. EA recently reveals that Starwars is coming with beta version before the full version of the game. The game release date is still not confirmed. But EA reveals some fact that you must be aware of the beta version of the game EA reveals that Starwars battlefront beta version contain both offline and online playing mode or you can play as in split screen also. The firm also provided more details on the maps and modes to expect In Multiplayer modes is including in the beta will include Drop …

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starwars battlefront beta version

10 Minutes Alpha Footage of Starwars Battlefront Leaked


While there is much hype of Starwars Battlefront, yesterday 10 minutes Alpha footage of Starwars Battlefront got leaked. We know that EA is releasing the beta version of Starwars battlefront in Oct, in which they will give limited access to play. The gameplay is released by YouTube user ‘Jake McNeill’, showcasing 10 minutes of alpha footage from Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault mode. This Assault mode was previously demonstrated in E3 June 2015. Just look the footage below, which comes from the PC alpha footage. The video is only 10 minutes long featuring the Walker Assault mode, but you will see how …

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EA to launch Starwars Battlefront beta version

Update: Read How to guide on download and play Starwars Battlefront Beta version click here. Good news for Starwars fans, Starwars Battlefront Beta version is releasing in upcoming October for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This beta version can help game developers as it will give a good idea of how the game will handle a huge number of players. This is crucial because DICE (developer behind the Starwars game) has a reputation of releasing multiplayer shooters with busted online infrastructures, although it has done a lot to repair its most broken games According to Venture beat, EA has confirmed to …

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PAX Australia announces Starwars Battlefront Exclusive Gameplay


Great news for Australian video game fans. Today EA announces that you can play Starwars Battlefront at  PAX Australia roughly 3 weeks before the official release of Battlefront. As we know that Star Wars is coming with the latest edition of the multi-billion dollar franchise StarWars Battlefront. PAX Australia will be held between October 30 to November 1, at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Craig Auld, Head Product Marketing for Asia-Pacific at Electronic Arts said, “Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and we’re excited to be joining forces with PlayStation for their inaugural showing at PAX Australia. …

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